SeaRates Updates - Week 43, 2021

We have published new improvements and additions this week. Read and share your thoughts on social media.

This week we have fixed several bugs to improve the accuracy and speed of both the site and tools.

We also have several new and significant innovations. If you missed the release of the last weekly update, please read it here.

Tracking System improvements

This week, we have made improvements to the way we work with providers, including Regional Container Lines (RCL), Hamburg Sud, OOCL, Wan Hai, and MSC.

We have also improved the process for receiving current ship data and updating the database, as well as container auto-detect for leasing companies and shipping lines.

We included the output of data about the Port of Discharge and ETA received from the shipping line to our Route API when requesting AIS data. This is shown in the example below.


Ship Schedules improvements

This week, we have made improvements to the way we work with providers, including Maersk. 

Additionally, we’ve added support for Sealand.

Alpha (SCAC) Codes page

We've added a column regarding abbreviations to our Alpha Codes page. This will assist you in identifying the shipping company in our Tracking System API, as well as in finding relevant data about the shipping company. For further information, please visit this page.

Help for carriers improvements

We've updated our help for carriers; you can now contribute queries in real-time. If a customer contacts our technical support or a team member with a query, we may quickly add it to the Help section, so you can always return and learn all you need to know about SeaRates and the services we offer. If you have not been able to find your question, please contact us at

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