SeaRates is the largest digital provider of logistics services. SeaRates sees its responsibility in delivering cargo on time, minimizing costs at all stages of transportation. Our vision is to focus on increasing customer income, on actions that will help traders significantly expand the geography of their sales, as well as on the obligation to increase the income of shareholders..
The mission of SeaRates is to give its customers the best tool for foreign trade business. We strive to provide not only a modern high-quality service with a large geographical coverage, but also a high speed of delivery of our customers' cargoes. And in all that we do, we are guided by three principles - honesty, consistency and justice.
We analyze prices, negotiate with shipping lines, airlines, look for new partners, find trade-offs with all market participants, which altogether results the cost of transportation. We do our best to minimize the cost of delivery. is a unique platform that integrates booking system, business logic algorithms, cargo consolidation, vector algebra, interpolation and machine learning, with elements of artificial intelligence. These technology have been created by us through the years and continue to improve. To meet the high standards of customer service, we will always introduce the most innovative technological developments. We use a simple method of reducing costs based on the principle of "Drive more - pay less". We collect and ship goods all over the World. This approach saves our customers' expenses for the transportation of goods, since all discounts due to the volume of traffic from the largest shipping and air companies are available to our customers. uses secure protocols. In the course of bookings or discussing the details of transportation, we encrypt the transmitted data, preventing the possibility of obtaining this information by third parties.
You likely just registered and have not been verified by anyone from our staff. Please wait until someone contacts you or get in touch with our Support Team.
If you are not a certified SeaRates agent, you can only offer your rates to our managers in charge of requests. Once you have arranged a few deliveries with us and showed reliability, our staff members may contact you with access to particular offers.
The verification of carriers on exists to make sure that service providers are legitimate and legal companies. Inspections are carried out by both and/or independent legal agencies to make sure this is the case.
Provide a valid business license, contact information, details of your business type (Shipowner, Freight forwarder, Customs broker, NVOCC, Freight Broker…), ownership status of the ships, trucks, premises or any other relevant documentation/information.
Independent freight forwarders are the core of SeaRates, but we care about final customers. You should prove us your serious intention to be our Partner, if you like our idea of digitalizing world logistics into one single network, starting from your own Company – by installing our ShipLot Platform to your website, making it 24/7 sales-tool with no weekends and holidays, and allowing your customers to book with you online. After doing that your rates & services will be promoted on SeaRates and on websites of other Partners, who wish to. You can create Special Logistics Services, which are unique in your Company, and disclose them to thousands of customers all around the world. Besides that, you can use advantages of other Partners at your disposal, if you want to show more coverage to your customers.
It is important to offer the best rates and best possible availability. Each deal increases your rating, monitored by all participants of the network and thus your reputation makes you more attractive to make business within. Everyone is eager to work with proven and reliable service providers.
Please, contact SeaRates Support Team. We will gather full details and make an investigation with a guaranteed result.
You do it from “Shipping Rates” tab of your Virtual Office, if you have Shiplot installed. We reward active service providers with more publicity in our network and increase their chances of receiving bookings with us or our partners.
We have different terms of cooperation with different kinds of service providers. You can contact your personal manager for more details about your specific case.
You can contact a SeaRates manager in charge of a particular shipment or send your quote directly and our agent will forward it to the customer personally.
You can clarify any details in the support chat.

The forwarding companies who installed SHIPLOT Platform on their website have the possibility of direct access to the chat with the client for dealing on the Client`s requests on the website.

Access to individual chats with customers is opened by the following criteria:

  1. Direction price. Your rate is the best in this area among other forwarders.
  2. Rating. If you don’t have rate on subject direction, then access is opened depending on the rating; the rating is formed according to the following indicators:
    1) the number of rates for this region   
    2) competitiveness of rates   
    3) speed of response in the chat   
    4) agent’s and client’s location
  3. Real deals at SeaRates. This is the key parameter in the further access to the customers: if the customer has approached your offer and confirmed the deal, then upon successful completion of the transportation you are assigned a special status 'Pro', and the direction you provided the service becomes your exclusive within a certain time (calculated automatically by the system). Now all requests that will come in this direction will be available only for your company.

From the moment of request is posted, you receive an instant SMS and e-mail notification. Access to the chat opens for 120 seconds. If you do not start a correspondence with the client during this time - access for you is closed and transferred to the next priority carrier

You can clarify any details in the support chat.
Go to the “Shipping Rates” tab in your Virtual Office. Then follow this step-by-step instruction.
  1. Choose your origin country and port/city and destination country port/city.
  2. The columns “From” and “To” represent for the Point of Loading and The Point of Discharge respectively.
  3. Choose if you would like to display the shipping line/airline in the system.
  4. Once you click “generate”, the application will show you the table with places arranged alphabetically for your convenience.
  5. The first columns will show your place of loading/discharge, the further three are intended for your own rate. In case of containers the columns are: 20'ST, 40'ST, 40'HC.
  6. After that you confirm what is included in the added price.
  7. Provide validity. The system will automatically let you know if the rate is valid and notify you when validity ends and the rate requires an update.
  8. Tick the “Fav” button if you are inerested in SeaRates advertising this rate on our platform
  9. If applicable, insert a percentage for possible deviation of your rate (+/- 5%, for example). Leave blank if your rate is exact and valid. IMPORTANT: if you add this percentage, your rate will not be clarified for instant booking and will always require specification.
  10. Each rate receives a unique ID number with link to check where and how your rate will be displayed. You can double check this way when you are done.
Congratulations, you are now saving time on your current and future rate management!
Your rates will be advertised and always take highest priority on your own website. SeaRates or any of your partners who are subscribed to you on the platform can display and advertise your rates as they see fit. Good rates from reliable service providers gain more publicity.
So that your customers can instantly see and book them from your website. Also to get an opportunity to receive more bookings within our network.
Go to the "Subscribe" tab of your personal account and find detailed information about other service providers. After that you can choose which rates and regions you need, and subscribe. They will be relayed to your platform with the commission you selected in the settings.
Go to “account settings” and open the “commission” tab. Set or change the amount here.
You open the custom route/tariff builder in “Shipping Rates” tab of your Virtual Office and build your own route in the interface, then specify and confirm the prices involved.
Click on the "My ships", "My trucks" or "Repositioning" tab. Choose the type of transport you need from the list below. Add all the necessary data in the fields and specify the route, if applicable. Now your transport will be visible on your platform, on Searates and the platforms of your subscribed partners.
Redistribution of empty containers allows our partners to submit their offers for use by other participants. Here are the simple steps how to do this:
  1. Click the "Offer Container" button.
  2. Fill in the necessary fields that reflect the location of your container.
  3. Carefully select the type of container - 20'ST, 40'ST, 40'HC, 20'RF, 40'RF, 20'OT, 40'OT, 20'FR, 40'FR and so on.
  4. Select the shipping line to which the container belongs.
  5. Select the shipping line to which the container belongs.
  6. Note the presence of a green indicator at the end of the lines. He says the offer was filled out correctly, and it's time to press "Send".
It only remains to say … ENJOY the service while making EXTRA money.
The container redistribution makes it easy for our customers to search a free container at the requested location. Let’s grab your attention for a while, just to explain how you should use it step-by-step.
  1. First step is simple – push the button “Request Container” and make it work for you.
  2. You will find out the table containing 9 columns. Skip the first one as it’s not that important, just the quantitative number of possible requests.
  3. The columns “From” and “To” are intended for the Place of Loading and The Port of Loading respectively. It should be pointed out that “From” has to be filled in obligingly.
  4. “Quantity” column represents the numbers of free containers you need for loading your cargo into.
  5. The next step you have to take is to choose the needed “Container Type”. We very clearly remember that there are couples of them: 20’ST, 40’ST, 40’HC, 20’RF, 40’RF, 20’OT, 40’OT, Flat rack.
  6. And now let’s turn to the next column; it is likely to be “Shipping Line”. In case you want to use the container of the particular Carrier, please fill in its name to the gab.
  7. Finally it’s time to take the last two steps: “Available From” and “Available To”. It goes without saying that you should indicate the date of cargo readiness in the first column, then estimate the possible time of delivery to the port of loading and fill in the possible date of container arrival in the column “Available To”.
  8. And the thing that comes particularly strongly is the green mark in last columns. It means just what it says – the request was filled in correct and it’s time to push “Submit”.
It only remains to say … ENJOY the service while saving money.
If your rate has been booked on SeaRates, we will get in contact with you and make a booking ourselves, nothing is required from your end but reliable service. If you offered a rate to one of our customers in chat, manager in charge of the delivery will get in touch with you and make a booking on behalf of the customer.
SeaRates will be subscribed to your services and advertise your rate on our website. Other partners will also be subscribed to your rate and make it available to their customers. You have analytics available in your Virtual Office to keep track of your rates.
You are working with SeaRates and providing your services to our customer through us. We take full responsibility for the process and expect quality service from any company in our network.
You will be evaluated by the SeaRates manager working with you and your rating within the system will be adjusted accordingly. We will provide you feedback on your service and keep you in mind for any future bookings.
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You can change your personal information, including your name and company details, in the section "Account Settings".
SeaRates may limit, suspend, or deactivate your account, as outlined in our Terms of Service. Your account may be temporarily deactivated due to your response rate or acceptance rate. To reactivate your account in this case, please follow the steps in the email you received. Your account may be deactivated during a review of SeaRates accounts. Reviews are part of an effort to foster a trustworthy community and uphold the Terms of Service. The following may occur with or without notifying you directly:
  • Your account can be deactivated or suspended.
  • You may not be able to access the platform, your account or content, or receive assistance from SeaRates support.
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