SeaRates Updates - Week 37, 2020

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We will be making several changes across our platform to help you in your daily operations. Thank you for your continued support and interest.  

Digital Freight Alliance Members Page is heavily focused on serving shippers, both importers or exporters, with one goal in mind: To provide you with the latest information to help you track shipments, send bookings and more.

By offering functionality and a user-friendly approach, we have become the platform of choice for thousands of customers around the world, as well as for logistics businesses who are able to offer you local support.

To better serve our members, we have generated a new For Carriers link.


This is a powerful tool for freight forwarders, fleet owners, and logistic service providers. Simply provide your contact details to gain access to information on cargoes and customers listed on our website.



Updated Grouping of Applications and Services

To improve your experience with SeaRates, we have enhanced visuals across our platform. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for, no matter where you are on our website.  


These updates apply to our Services, Rate request, All Shipping Leads and Tracking tabs.



Main products alignment

We have recently merged our main applications and popular services on the homepage.

These applications can be integrated into your logistics or trading company's website. Each application also has its own API, which allows third-party developers to customise the functionality as needed. 



Learn more about each function, or contact us to get more information:

  • Logistics Explorer is a platform that allows you to find the cost of delivering any cargo, using any type of transport. In just a few clicks, you can place an online booking for your shipment to be delivered from point A to point B.

  • Tracking System is a module to track the location of containers using carrier data  from the AIS system. This allows you to find any container and visually map its route. The extended version makes tracking of any type of cargo possible.

  • Load Calculator is a long-standing SeaRates application. It allows you to find the optimal loading plan of a vehicle or container in just a few steps, taking into account all the physical and geometric characteristics of the cargo. The tool supports the function of palletizing and all the main parameters studied in the Course of Cargoes. It also allows you to import and export the information to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

  • Route Planner is a unique add-on designed for transport companies that want to provide their customers with the most accurate information about the movement of cargo. The app supports all modes of transport, and provides automated notifications and mapped routes. The Route Planner API allows the transport company to automatically populate the data from its own TMS system. This allows customers to track their cargo online.

  • Ship Schedules allows you to search for sailing itineraries of vessels from the world’s major shipping lines. The app is available for web-integration or in API format.
  • Distances & Time is a unique SeaRates app that allows you to see the distance (between coordinates or ports) and time of transportation by sea, road, railway, and air, and can be integrated directly on your website.
  • Cargo Wizard is a module for optimising all stages of cargo transport. This tool allows you to calculate the optimal stuffing and delivery models for your goods. Documents are then automatically generated, including invoices, packing lists, shipping instructions, and more.

Logistics Explorer API

Thanks to our developers, the technology behind online quotes and bookings is becoming more flexible. 

In November 2018, we made our entire database of rates and current logistics tariffs from carriers around the world available in API format. This applies to FCL and LCL shipping, as well as ref-containers, auto, air, and railway transport. It may also be applied to custom calculation, building routes, online booking, and calculating the cost of goods per unit for international delivery of goods. 

If you are a developer, please contact us at to learn more about our terms.


Development of Digital Freight Alliance

Several new members have joined DFA from Ireland, Chile, India, Moldova, New Zealand, Lithuania, and Egypt.

We now have 156 members from 63 countries.

DFA has continued to receive positive responses from client surveys, with the majority of comments expressing satisfaction with the quality of services.

Stay tuned for DFA updates via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Upcoming updates

Tracking System

This week, our developers have incorporated small changes and made improvements in the way we work with shipping lines such as Korea Marine Transport (KMTC), Zim, Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), Wan Hai, Evergreen, COSCO.

We have added support for two more shipping lines: Matson and Emkay Lines. In total, we support 37 shipping lines. Next week we will be adding a further 15 shipping lines to the Tracking System.

Visit the updated list of shipping lines here. To see the list of shipping lines that will be added next week, click here.

Ship Schedules

We have updated the COSCO shipping line this week. This will give you detailed insight on transshipment ports such as ship names, dates and services. 

We create high-quality products and regularly improve our reliability standards. 

Pacific International Lines (PIL) is expected to be added to the schedule.

Stay tuned to our blog posts and keep track of further updates through Telegram and our Instagram account. Make sure to share your opinion by using the common chat feature.

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