SeaRates Updates - Week 36, 2020

If you missed the last release of updates - it's time to look at it. We continue to move forward and plan to implement each step according to the road map of the project. Thank you for your continued support and interest!

Glossary & Blog

Now you can learn more about each term and how to use it.  We add new articles every day so you can learn more about each term. You can see the list of added terms below. 


You can read more about freight here.

Freight Forwarder

You can read more about freight forwarder here.

Bill of Lading

You can read more about the bill of lading here.

Customs Clearance

You can read more about the customs clearance here.

Distances & Time API page

Now you can see how to use our Distance & Time API. You can see the distance and time of transportation by sea, road, railway, and air on your website. Also, you can determine the distances between the coordinates (latitude/longitude). Interesting? Read more here.

Virtual Office

Good news for users who have been asking for this update for a long time. Now you can edit the cargo information in the booking and track your booking.

To edit the cargo, go to Virtual Office - Booking - View details - Cargo.

To track the location of your shipment, go to Virtual Office - Booking - View details - Schedule.

Ship Schedules 

We have improved the ZIM shipping line. Now the tool's response is shown faster and better. If you have encountered problems with displaying information before, then we have eliminated all these problems. If you have any suggestions for improving our tools - send your suggestions to

Support for new shipping lines in the Tracking System

The long-awaited news for many users and customers, and great news for partners using tracking on their website. Now SeaRates tracking supports the following 12 shipping lines: Regional Container Lines (RCL), Trans Asian Shipping Services, Sea Hawk Lines (SHAL), Emirates Shipping Line, Avana Global FZCO, BLPL Singapore, Econship, Stolt Tank Containers (STC), Westwood Shipping Lines, T.S. Lines, Sarjak Container Lines, China Navigation Company (Swire Shipping). We currently support 35 shipping lines. The updated list of supported shipping lines in Tracking System documentation.



Improved data transmission algorithms allow you to quickly determine the location of ships, and this makes it possible to expand coverage and improve the accuracy of the location of the cargo. Negotiations are underway with other shipping lines to expand coverage. If you want to add a search for a specific line, please contact us at

Digital Freight Alliance development

New members from Kazakhstan, Poland, USA, Bulgaria, and UAE joined us this week. 124 members from 53 countries have already joined the DFA.

The Digital Freight Alliance continued to receive positive feedback from clients through its client surveys, with the majority of respondents expressing general satisfaction with the quality of the services provided.

Stay tuned for DFA updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Updates Pending

Load Calculator

Full testing of container loading has been carried out. Improved cargo weight accounting algorithm (it takes into account 2 parameters: free area + permissible weight).

Now your process for adding products will look like this:

Photo 1 - List of product groups and adding a product group.

Photo 2 - Adding a product to a group (Select cargo type - Select cargo dimensions - Spacing settings - Stuffing settings)

Photo 3 - Basic settings for loading cargo into a container

Photo 4 - List of containers.

Photo 5  - Adding a container to the list.

We also develop 3D visualization of cargo stuffing inside the container. It will be a completely new tool that you will soon be able to use. See below for examples of 3D visualization.

Photo 1 - 3D visualization of rounded objects.

Photo 2 - 3D visualization of boxes.

Logistics Explorer API

The new version of Logistics Explorer will be even more user-friendly for all users. Some of the new features have already been covered in the previous release, as well as higher in this review. Work is underway on an updated API product documentation, which shortly will be available to third-party developers.

If you have any questions, read more in the Logistics Explorer help section.

Each of these systems - Tracking System, Logistics Explorer, Load Calculator, Ship Schedules, and Distances & Time can be installed on your site, in case of interest, write to

These were the main technical updates and news for the period. Thank you for your unswerving interest and participation in the global challenge of the changes in the logistics industry. Subscribe to our channel to keep abreast of the following updates, and do not let us miss your voice in the next development rounds - speak your thoughts in our chat room!

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