Possible Reasons Why Your Shipment Is Late

Feb 18, 2020 John Stephens John Stephens

Waiting for shipment delivery is not a fun thing to do. As much as shopping online is fun, it would be simply fantastic if we could magically get our bought products instantly delivered to our home. The same applies if you are waiting for any type of shipment to be delivered, whether it is a package from a friend, or your furniture and the rest of your stuff that should be delivered to your new home. On top of that, waiting for a shipment gets even more difficult if there are unexpected delays. There are plenty of possible reasons why your shipment is late, so let's see what they are and how to prepare for them!

Possible reasons why your shipment is late

Shipping your items can be done in multiple ways. Some are cheaper, while others are a lot quicker but more expensive. Nevertheless, whichever option you choose, there is always a possibility that something will happen that will cause delays with your shipment.

The most common reasons why your shipment is late are:

  • technical difficulties
  • closed roads
  • holidays

Most common reasons explained

Technical difficulties may include various system issues, as well as issues with delivering equipment. In these cases, the entire company and all shipments are affected.

Roads may be closed for multiple reasons. Bad weather can slow down traffic, there might be constructions on the road, or a courier may get stuck in a traffic jam. 

When it comes to holidays, have in mind that companies usually don’t work around that time


That is why picking a good time for delivery is crucial. The same applies when picking the best seasons for finding affordable storage. If you want to ship your belongings to storage, timing is important. Depending on the time of the year, storage will cost more or less.

International and national shipping issues

While the abovementioned issues are more of a general nature, there are also some tough problems to solve when it comes to international and cross-country shipping.

Providing the wrong address

While this may seem like a non-issue, you'll be surprised by how often it happens. Many people have a different shipping address from the one that is connected to their credit card. If you provide a wrong address for delivery, not only will your shipment not arrive on time, but you will also be obligated to pay for a re-delivery. So, always make sure that the address is correct. 

Your shipment may get stuck at customs

It is quite common for a shipment to get stuck at customs for various reasons. The best way to avoid this issue is to always be in touch with your courier. This way you will be informed on time if there are any issues.

One of the more common reasons why your shipment may be stuck at customs is that you didn’t pay all the required fees. Furthermore, if you are missing any paperwork, it will have to be completed before the shipment is processed.

Always make sure to have a good tracking system, so that you can be informed about any issues on time.

Your shipment doesn’t meet all the requirements

This is another common issue that easily gets overlooked. It is your duty to check all the requirements for a shipment. For example, there is a weight limit to any cargo you are sending. Not only will your shipment be delayed, but you will also have to pay penalties.

Furthermore, all shipments must be properly packed and protected. If anything gets damaged, it will only cause more issues to the shipping company, so they will always hold off a shipment if those requirements are not met.

How to make sure your shipment is delivered on time?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why your shipment is late. In most cases, things are out of your control, and you simply must wait for the delivery. While you can always file a complaint, a better approach is to do everything you can to make sure there are no delays. This is especially important if you are moving.

Find quality movers

When moving your family, the quality of movers plays an important role. Not only will they help you to relocate without issues, but they might also suggest good companies to ship your items. In some cases, they might even send a shipment for you, to be delivered at a scheduled time. So make sure to hire a reliable moving company such as smallworldmoving.com and check whether they can meet your shipping needs.

Choose a reputable shipping company

If you know that someone needs to send you a shipment, make sure to communicate with them about a shipping company. Read reviews of previous customers, and see what is their policy on delayed shipments. The same applies if you want to send a shipment for someone. Picking a reputable shipping company is the best way to make sure your shipment is on time.

Underline the urgency

You can always pay a couple of dollars more to make sure your shipment is delivered fast. Urgent deliveries use different channels.

Avoid holidays

As previously explained, holidays are days when most delivery companies do not work. If there is an urgent shipment to be delivered or sent, try avoiding this time of year.

Possible reasons why your shipment is late - explained

As you can see, there are plenty of possible reasons why your shipment is late. While it is a fact that you don't have control over the process, you can follow our suggestions and make sure you do everything you can to avoid delays. While there is no reason to stress about it, you should always have it in the back of your mind that something might go wrong. With that in mind, if there is an urgent delivery, use other channels to make sure everything goes well.

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