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Aug 08, 2018 Stuart Johnson Stuart Johnson

This is the post to gather all types of the shipping requests together and sort them by the categories.


LCL - Submit a form for cargo volume from 1 cubic meter and up to 15 cubic meters

FCL - Whole container is intended for one Shipper/Consignee

In Bulk - Break bulk or bulk cargoes, oversized or overweight cargo which is too big or too heavy for a container

Open Ship Position - Enter ship`s characteristics and position

Ocean Freight Rate (FCL) - Add Ocean Container Freight Rates FCL

River Barge Rate (FCL) - Add barge rate for FCL cargoes which are carried by rivers or canals

Container Haulage (export/import) - Container transport to / from port by road

Port Charges (import/export) - Port & handling charges, freight forwarding fees etc.


Road Haulage - Submit request to calculate trucking rates.

Freight Shippers - Post Your Available LTL, HotShot, Expedited, FTL, and Flatbed

Empty Container - Fill the form to find out the nearest location of empty container(s) for appropriate shipping conditions

Containers Repositioning - Display empty container(s) on the Map and send notifications to all shippers, brokers and carriers

Trucking - Add Available Backload Truck


Tank wagon load - Request a freight quote for tank-wagon. Crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline, heating oil, diesel, propane and other liquids including biofuels and natural gas liquids

Rail wagon load - Request a freight quote for a wagon. Dry Cargoes, general cargoes, grain, steel products, chemicals, foods, furniture, machinery, motor vehicles, footwear, garments, etc.

Platform load - Request a freight quote for container platform. Provides the possibility to dispatch 20- and 40-feet containers on container platforms


Air Cargo Load - Request Rate for air delivery cargo. Ship business parcels internationally

Air freight rate - Offer rates for international air freight

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