Logistics explorer 2.1

Logistics Explorer 2.1 is designed to make your business experience even faster, more responsive, and more efficient. Here are the latest features and improvements in the world’s most advanced shipping calculator.


#1 e-commerce Platform for selling rates, exchanging information and attracting new customers all over the world.

Digital network of forwarders allows you to sell more of your services and resell others in more than 200 countries.

Now even a small forwarding company can provide services at the level of a real shipping line or higher.

Speed up the calculations you do every day

Let your website instantly calculate and sell rates using the Logistics Explorer application. It is not just convenient for your customers, it is a huge time saving and an indisputable plus for your company

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Visualization result on the map

One of the most effective ways to convey information to the user is to visualize the route on a map. Thanks to a visualization, the calculation of the tariff looks easy and affordable for your client.

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Route optimization based on Big Data

Smart algorithms to determine The Best Choice

The basis for route optimization is the use of models to describe the shipping cost and the transit time that needs to be planned. When building a model, the scope of the overall network needs to be defined, ensuring that all the data is included, such as distances, sea port location, shipping mode and the total cost of delivery. The model has a number of components included in the calculation coming from the freight forwarders.

Example: which terminal should be chosen as optimal for delivery from Ryazan to Norfolk?

Import tariffs from Excel

LE supports importing or connecting to workbooks created in Excel 2007 and later. Workbooks must be saved as .xlsx or .xlsm file type and be under 1 GB

SeaRates & Airrates Grow Your Business with an Easy-to-Use e commerce platforms

1st e-commerce Platform

SeaRates is the 1st e-commerce platform in the container shipping business launched on June 30, 2005

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We grant access to all advantages of SeaRates.com and AirRates.com sites to those freight forwarders, who support us in the digital movement and install Logistics Explorer to own websites, allowing their customers to submit online bookings with them.

DIGITAL Logistics sales

Extensive e-commerce platform that allows you to sell shipping rates anywhere online via thousands of websites.

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