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Freight forwarders and agents are looking for exclusive experiences and seeking solutions to attract more shippers and run their business better.

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Today, in a new digital era, online technologies allow to do this more effectively.

Every day SeaRates website collects over 20 000 visitors every day, and receives a shipping request in different countries every 38 seconds.

We invite high-qualified and well-disciplined local partners who are ready to meet our standards to carry the banner of SeaRates.

What are the advantages of the
SeaRates Partnership Program?


Working together we can significantly increase the number of our customers. The agent network is constantly growing and this gives you the opportunity to increase your profits by selling services not only locally but also all over the world. Moreover, this kind of cooperation allows you to resell other people's services, establish your commission and receive a new source of income.


All our partners get the most advanced platform for selling rates and services - Logistics Explorer. This is a tool that allows small forwarding / shipping companies to compete fully with the market giants - global carriers, worldwide companies or even shipping lines. Use the full range of Logistics Explorer functions to instantly deliver top level company services.


Being SeaRates official partner, you will receive: Access to all SeaRates customers worldwide; a unique contract that confirms your rights and opportunities; SeaRates branch attributes (phone, visit card and email; Lowest commission – up to 3,5% of total deal amount; Special notifications, up-to-date network news, personal offers and much more.