Raise your logistics sales

Smart Chat, instant calculations and cooperation features - describe all Agent Network advantages.


Right way to new customers

Customers make booking three times more often when you communicate with them in a chat.


Effective time management

Smart Chat lets Agents help more customers in less time, which means more satisfied customers and deals done.


Freight forwarders and agents are looking for exclusive experiences and seeking solutions to attract more shippers and run their business better.

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Direct access to customers

As a SeaRates partner, you will be able to contact all customers who are interested in transportation. Moreover, all customers for the carriage of goods relating to your region will be offered to you in priority.

Expansion of sales geography

SeaRates represents the complete integration of all stages of transport services sales in one solution. Already now there is a family of forwarder sites that effectively allow you to find the right customers. Bring your services to the online market, using the resource of thousands of carriers around the world.

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Faster, clearer, easier - the client will love you more

Nowadays, when a client visits the site, he does not want to call anywhere, and there is only one way out: to make the site more interesting, to make it a selling one. And now imagine – sales by one site or a thousand sites? Inside the digital network, a local freight forwarder simulates the work of a global company. And there are always more customers in the global company.

Unified complete workflow

We have gathered everything in one place
in Logistics Explorer platform

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Instantly add and quote rates online

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Jointly consolidate cargoes on the principle of GroupOn.

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Exchange tariffs and services and promote them on partner sites

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Receive online

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Freight forwarders from different countries already complement each other.

SeaRates chat Benefits

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Click a button and talk to customer directly

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phone icon circle one icon circle two

Search by
phone number

Switch to phone
and dial number

Hope you reach
right person

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Find email, wright
and send a mail

Wait for response for
a long time

Hope all your question
will be answered

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Right now you can join and work on existing clients on our website.

SeaRates Smart Chat works both in your personal account and in the mobile application, so you never miss an important message from the Client. Communicate with customers even before they ask a question.