SEOUL LINE Shipping line

We provide best service till our customers are satisfied

We endeavor to provide quality service to our customers and try to sharpen our competitive edges in the market. Today we do business with Korean major oil refineries such as Hyudai Oilbank, Inchon oil refinery co., ltd., LG Caltex Oil, SK Corp., ltd. and S-Oil, Korean maritime shipping operators; Hanjin Shipping, Hanyang Shipping, Hyundai Merchant Marine CO., LTD, SK Merchant Marine CO., LTD as well as foreign maritime shipping operators; CHINA SHIPPING DALIAN OCEAN SHIPPING, NANJING TANKER, ASSOCIATE MARITIME, and TEAM TANKERS AS. Seoul Line is a mid-size company, but it is a leader in integrated maritime logistics service area.

We will be a core player in maritime logistics in East Asia

Nowdays the entire world is focusing Asia's economic growth. Especially Korea, Japan, and China have established marvelous economic growths. Seoul Line has prepared for economic growths in East Asia and as a result we become a core player in this market. Since we are not satisfied yet we will profit from our quality service. Our customers will be impressed with our honesty and sincerity. We will be a leader in integrated maritime logistics service area and will do our best to do so.