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We render maritime transport services of cargos in container ships and we serve all the main ports in Brazil and South America carrying cargos through several routes and the main ones are:
  • East Coast of South America to the West Coast of South America (Conosur),
  • East Coast of South America to East Coast of the United States (Usatlan),
  • East Coast of South America to Gulf of Mexico (Usgulf),
  • East Coast of South America to the Mediterranean (Sirius),
  • East Coast of South America to North of Europe (Euroatlan),
  • East Coast of South America to Caribe and Mercosul.
Today Libra boasts more than 50 years of experience in foreign trade, in addition to a fleet with approximately 30 ships, a large net of agencies in Brazil and outsourced agencies abroad and almost 600 employees. Libra is a Brazilian shipping company, strong, reliable specialized in the South Atlantic Sea, committed to the development of its region and that strives to offer the best maritime transport solutions to its clients. So, it becomes a true partner which seeks to build long term relationships with its clients and to follow-up their development and future growth. Our history can be entangled with the Brazilian shipping history itself, where we have been figurants in several marking and decisive chapters.

Brief History

Libra as we know today was formed through the merger of several maritime transport companies in the 60s.

When the “Companhia Nacional de Navegação Costeira” was deactivated, on December 31, 1966, by the Federal Government, all coasting trade in Brazil became paralyzed, as most of the frights had been carried by “Costeira”.

There were private companies that carried out coasting trade, however without the regularity demanded by the development our country was going through at the beginning of the 60s.

The small amount of Brazilian flag ships operating the coasting trade was not sufficient. Considering this fact, 13 shipping companies with totally national capital, answering a request by the Ministry of Transportation, joined to found one sole and large maritime company to absorb the great freight market occurring in coasting trade.

Brazil produced almost everything it needed and industries were selling more and more their products and they had to send them to other states, mainly the coastal ones, therefore the ship became a very important means of transportation. After several meetings to stipulate parameters that would orient the new company and having the support of the Ministry of Transportation, the Merchant Marine Commission and the National Bank for Economic Development, Libra was created.

The current Libra Shipping Company was founded on March 12, 1999, date when its shareholder control was acquired by the Chilean Company Compañia Sudmericana de Vapores – CSAV, forming the largest shipping company in Latin America.

More recently, in 2003, we became stronger through the merger with the Uruguayan company Montemar Marítima S. A., with its two routes to the North of Europe and to the East Coast of the United States.
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