HATSU MARINE Shipping line

Hatsu Marine Limited, a new U.K. company with Headquarters in London, was established as a container shipping company on the 4th of January 2002. Though currently all Hatsu Marine Limited owned vessels are located in the transpacific trade between the Far East and North America, more services with global coverage could be expected through fleet expansion and slot exchange of alliance, to strengthen Hatsu's competence on providing completed service scope to all customers.

Starting with the operation of 6332TEU Hatsu Eagle completed in October 2001; the other four sister vessels will be brought to fleet sequentially, which are Hatsu Envoy in March 2002, Hatsu Excel in May 2002, and two more vessels of the same series are expected to join Hatsu's fleet by the end of 2002. Beside these gigantic benchmarks, moreover are about to be introduced in next few years to enlarge Hatsu's service territory.

Hatsu Marine Limited is now meeting the requirements for inclusion within the United Kingdom tonnage tax regime, including flying Red Ensign and training a significant number of cadets on board. While considering the focal point within the EU for financial services and a traditional centre for the maritime industries, and having a stronger operation base within the EU will complement it's extensive knowledge of Asia and North America in serving global customers, Hatsu Marine Limited will keep reinforcing its position within EU with proudly creation and enable itself to serve global customer base much better.