Top Tips for Workplace Safety in Container Shipping Business

May 02, 2019 Elizabeth Raw Elizabeth Raw

Either for outdoor works of in-office, shipping business is a very stressful and requires employees to to adapt to the environment. 

Safety at work is something that both employers and employees should constantly be thinking about. If you work within the logistics and shipping industry especially, it’s advised that you do. This is because you face risks and hazards on a daily basis that you should be aware of. Workplace safety goes beyond your health and safety manual and transcends to everyday activities. Continue reading to discover top tips for workplace safety that you can apply every time you go to work. 

Get Enough Rest 

As a result of the hustle and bustle of daily life, people often fail to get an adequate amount of rest. Their days typically consist of early mornings and late nights in an attempt to meet deadlines, pay bills and achieve goals. However, seeing as people are not robots, if caution isn’t taken, you could end up burning yourself out.

To avoid this, make sure you’re getting enough rest to allow your body and mind recharge. If you find you’re overstimulated after work, try to get more rest to give your body time to unwind before bed. This can be achieved by taking a warm bath or setting the ambiance through scented candles. 

Keep Energy Levels High 

In addition to the mentioned, keeping your energy levels high should be another priority. Similar to getting enough rest, your body needs energy throughout the day to keep up. Try packing natural energy-boosting foods in your work bag and consuming them throughout the day. 

Great examples of foods that will give you energy are brown or whole wheat varieties, banana fairy cakes, brazil nuts, or oaty energy cookies. You should find you’re more alert by eating breakfast in the morning and healthy snacks throughout the day. 

Minimise Distractions 

When your mind is going at one thousand miles per hour, it becomes so much easier to be distracted. However, when working in the shipping and logistics industry, especially in a hands-on role, it’s vital that you’re attentive. If not, you could end up making a mistake that could lead to an accident. 

In the instance that an accident does occur, be sure to seek help immediately, even if everything seems fine. If after getting a physical examination, you feel something is wrong and discover your GP made a mistake, visit and see how they can help. 

Follow Health and Safety 

Every company has set health and safety rules in order to protect employees. Pay attention to these rules and make a mental note to stick to them. This is in your best interest as following them should minimise the risk of an accident. If you aren’t sure about the health and safety rules or need clarity, ask your manager or employer to give you more clarity.

Take Caution With Equipment 

If you work with equipment, be sure to take caution when operating it. It isn’t unheard of for machines to malfunction, so ensure they’re serviced and you’re focused when operating them. If need be, update your knowledge so that you’re competent enough to handle any challenges. 

Workplace safety is something that should be prioritised. You want to look after yourself and take necessary precautions so that your health or wellbeing isn’t being put at risk. 

Elizabeth works for R+R Packaging, providers of biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging materials for businesses within a wide variety of industries.

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