SeaRates Updates - Week 26, 2020

If you missed – we recommend looking at updates for the previous week.

All Shipping Leads

We have updated All Shipping Leads. Updated design and functionality of the tool. Now the tool works on ReactJS, which improved the work and loading time of the tool. 

SeaRates Blog

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New Pages on the DF Alliance

Digital tools on your website

All Members receive 2 unique tools by default as a white-label solution for their websites. These are Logistics Explorer and Tracking System. Also, you can separately install other online web-based tools for your business. Read more here.  

24/7 Support

The Digital Freight Alliance, together with DP World, guarantees a full support framework to ensure a seamless workflow for logistics operations around the world. Read more here.   

Member Success Story: Clarke Global Logistics

Martin Moyano, Director and Business Development Manager at Clarke Global Logistics, talks business development possibilities with SeaRates and the Digital Freight Alliance. Want to experience growth like Clarke Global Logistics? Join the DF Alliance for global opportunities. Read more about Martin's experience here.

Digital Freight Alliance development

Now, almost every day, new members join DFA. Forwarding companies from Australia, India, Cyprus, USA, UK, Latvia, and Russia joined us this week. It's very pleasant to get positive feedback from members starting their journey with the logistics network of the new generation. 

Stay tuned for DFA updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Updates Pending

Load Calculator

Improved box alignment algorithm. Made stuffing pallets, in the development of stacking pallets in the tool.

Tracking System

The servers were upgraded for even greater stability and speed of the API. Minor code bugs have been fixed, improved performance

In development, a new section in the API documentation. More shipping lines will be added soon. 

Distance & Time

A tool update is expected next week. It will be a new tool, with a new design and fast load.

Ship Schedules

OOCL shipping line performance optimization. Fixed errors associated with shipping lines such as Maersk, Sealand, and Safmarine.

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