Is There A Universal Digital Approach For All Transport Modes

Feb 13, 2020 Allen Cranston Allen Cranston

World transport system

The world transport system comprises of four modes:

  • Land – On land, we can travel either through railroad or by road.
  • Air – The most common way to travel by air is via a plane. Hot air balloons and space shuttles are also ways you can travel by air.
  • Water – This mode of transport means that you are either in the sea, ocean, lake or river. The best means of transport is through ships or boats. If you are a student, the world transport system is one of the best topics to write about. For writing an excellent arting buy pre-written essays for sale. Always get in touch with any paper writing service and get your quality paper.

Road transport 

Road transport is the most common type of transport system in the world today. It has been the leading means of transport since the middle part of the 20th century. The road network in the world is growing fast and estimates put its total length at 27.8 million kilometers. Half of this network is in the USA, India, China, Russia, and Japan. When it comes to levels of motorization in the world, the USA and Western Europe dominate the numbers. 

Railway transport


Rail transport is an important part of land transport though it is not as huge as road transport. This is due to the fact that it transports lower volumes than road transport. Rail transports only 8% of the world’s cargo while road transport does 82% of all the cargo in the world. Railroads have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. More than 140 countries around the world have railways but more than half of it is in 10 countries. Essays about transport are common in school life. There is no need for you to stress over writing such an assignment. As maintained by Professionals from Edujungles  — write a lot of essays about different types of transport.

Water transport

This system of transport plays a major role in the world. 62% of all the freight in the world is thanks to water transport. Water transport also serves 4/5 of all international trade. Thanks to the different types of water transport, the oceans no longer divide the world. The oceans and seas are now playing an important role in connecting the world. Ships and other maritime vessels transport bulk cargo. These cargo ships carry various types of goods like oil, grain, iron ore, people, vehicles and many other items. The introduction of containers is a plus for water transport because now we can transport general cargo with efficiency.

Air transport

Air transport is expensive but it is efficient and fast. It plays an important part in transporting passengers around the world. Apart from being fast, its other advantages are geographic mobility, quality of supplies. These advantages make it easy for it to grow and create new routes. There are many airline companies that are operating in different parts of the world. In addition to that, there are more than 5 thousand airports in the world. The USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, and France are huge players in air transport. There are many jobs in this industry and one of the well-paying ones is being a pilot. If you want to be a pilot, go ahead and apply for the job. If you need a resume to become a pilot, hire a resume writer and this work will be yours.


Changes in the transport industry

The most significant change is there is stability in all modes of transport since the end of the last world war. There is a steady growth of both freight and passenger volumes. 

Difference and correlation between modes of the transport system

The best way to identify the difference and correlation between modes of transport is through:

  • Transport intensity of production – This reflects the relation between production and transport.
  • Population mobility – This delves into where people live, level of urbanization and immigration.
  • Passenger ratio and freight traffic – Here we delve into what drives the economy of a region.
  • Ratio of modes of transport – This is an essential sign of the transport system in a region and the economy of that place as a whole.

Universal digital approach

Technology is affecting every part of the modern world and transport is also feeling the effects of technology. Technology is helping to improve the safety of various transport vehicles. In recent years we have seen the introduction of self-driving cars. Efficiency is improving every day thanks to automation.

Transport is an important part of our lives. Through transportation people and material can move from one point to another. The world’s economy depends a lot on transport and without it, the economy can grind to a stop. Things have been improving in the industry but there is still room for improvement. 

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