How to choose the right shipping method - An ultimate guide

Jul 07, 2020 Fawad Malik Fawad Malik

Quick and steady order delivery is a key to success for an online business. Getting the ordered products delivered in a timely manner should be one of your top priorities at the same time choosing a perfect and money-saving method of shipping. Things like fast order deliveries, customer satisfaction, and cost savings can be affected by the way customer orders delivered to the customers according to the provided dropping point details. 

As there are so many shipping options and methods available these days, you need to make certain you have chosen the most reliable and quick shipping method for your orders. 

Let’s discuss the key aspects to keep in mind when you need to pick up the right and faster shipping method for your online business.

Where you need to deliver the products

Where your customers are located? The right answer to this question can play a significant process when you need to pick up the right product shipping method. As there is a role in the decision-making lot of methods available in the marketplace to ship your orders, you should find the best one that meets the customer needs. If you have a huge customer base within the country, you can move on for a shipping provider that is offering in-country services. If there are no overseas customers, you don’t need to worry about availing the services of an international shipping provider. However, if you often need to deliver your orders across the boundary, or you may likely have overseas customers in the near future, you should go with a company that is offering overseas shipping services. In case you are delivering your products just in a particular territory or town, a local courier would be the right fit for you who knows the local area well. 

Things you need to ship   

What type of things or products you need to ship, is another important thing to bear in mind when choosing the best shipping method for your business. Type of products you plan to ship matters a lot in decision making. For instance, if these are fragile items that need to be handled with care, make sure the shipping provider will protect your orders and deliver them to customers in a safe way. On another hand, if you have to deliver giant and sharp tools or machinery that companies like Vanderbilt Tree Service use for tree trimming, you should consider a shipping provider with a proper transportation network to make sure your orders are delivered on time and in a safe manner.

Size of your products

When picking up the right shipping method to deliver your orders, the size of ordered products matters too. Not all the shipping providers offer a delivery service for giant products. That is the reason if you need to deliver something bigger and with a particular description to handle, find a shipping company that is ready to ship it.

Additional costs if any

The overall cost of product delivery is important to both of you, your customers, and your business. So, go with an option that is effective and affordable as well. Consider all the costs involved like insurance fee, additional charges for larger products and extra safety & protection costs for fragile items, etc. It will help you choose an option according to your budget and reasonable for your customers too. 

Variety of options

Unless you sell a single type of the product and want to deliver it the same way upon each order, you should go with a shipping company with a variety of options. For instance, if you are delivering fragile items and heavy machinery at the same time, you need to choose a company that is able to handle all the things effectively. There are many companies that offer shipping services with plenty of options. However, you should pick up the right one based on customer reviews and recommendations. 

Order tracking

In this era of mobile technology, order tracking is one of the vital things to consider when selecting a shipping service provider for order delivery. Customers expect this feature when they want something delivered to their doorsteps. That’s why make sure to choose a company with an effective and easy order tracking method. Order tracking gives your customers peace of mind and builds trust as well. In order to provide your customers with an excellent experience, choose a shipping method with a tracking option.

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