Extract from Cargozine - GCA Logistics Network Periodical: Latest Trends in the World Shipping Market

Sep 26, 2019 Mutaz Maqam Mutaz Maqam

In a marketplace of fast-changing environment and daily disruptive quick fixes, it is not surprising that companies are being pushed to innovate rapidly and produce fast solutions. Disruption is something that has existed in every industry around the world, it’s inevitable. And the logistics industry is experiencing a massive transformation sooner than everyone thought.

Yet most logistics still struggle with unresolved complications, of communication gaps, high transportations cost, the never-ending logistics nightmare of time, safety, and countries legislations. 

Sometimes, building a logistics company isn’t just about figuring out  a way to disrupt your current industry, it’s about finding a Powerful tool to grow your firm.

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Global Cargo Association standpoint

And that’s when we formed Global Cargo Association. GCA is born out of a passionate desire to serve, educate and inspire growth, GCA Network is a global collective of reputable logistics companies and independent freight forwarders whose mission is to empower members by creating a tripe of collaborators who contribute towards each other’s growth. To achieve this, we endeavor to provide a platform and ideal environment that encourages members to succeed by connecting them with prevailing market opportunities, helping them market their respective companies and educating them on the latest technological trends that will improve their positioning in their respective markets, industries and countries. 

The GCA Network Advantage constitutes our promise to our clients that they will always come first. We believe in trust, share, and connect. Our platform assembled a network of the world's finest in the logistics industry, while we bring them the latest programs, cutting-edge services, and robust, innovative solutions. At GCA we extend our extensive service industry knowledge, experience and resources towards creating and adding value to our members since the more value they get, the more rewarding it will be for us. Our commitment is to ensure that they enjoy maximum  security and protection while promoting their core businesses through the superior quality and reliability of our financial security alliance. Our priority is not on quantity but on quality, thereby constituting a powerful network that is carefully selected in order to effectively meet the unique needs and requirements of each member. Above all, we seek to strengthen our global presence and maintain growth by constantly connecting with specialized top tier logistics partners. GCA reachable customer services supports you 24/7. Your unstoppable growth will be limitless with GCA community, as we share businesses, connecting partners, and expand your network of support. 

All progress starts with people, and people collaboration is one of the most powerful tools to grow your business. Your GCA membership is all about people collaboration, with its robust tools and cutting edge solution, you and us can overcome logistics major issues. 

Boosting marketing strategies in your logistics operations

Historically, logistics and transportation companies are operationally oriented and focused on how to make the revenue plan. During the last few years, there have been dynamic changes in logistics industry that creating a new play field and opportunities on the supply side. 

The key factors that drive these changes are influenced by strong competition, technological progress, and present sale slowdown. In order to enhance the development of logistics skills and grow the sources of competitive advantages, Why marketing becomes more important in the logistics services providers?

Currently, logistics firms do not see the importance of marketing in their business operation. Taking a successful story, FedEx created by Miami Ad School marketing agency. With outdoor advertising campaign "Always First", they successfully emphasised more competitive standards of service, competing to DHL. The main role of marketing is building strong competitive advantage in the logistics service market. Marketing and e-marketing are the mainstream that help logistics services providers integrate with their clients and partners. 

Customer views are commonly influenced by information from social media, such as recommendations and feedback from other customers posted on the sites. Moreover, most of the market leaders have an account on LinkedIn or Facebook, and communications via social media is a valuable tool to strengthen B2B relationship.

How to implement a marketing efficiency strategy in logistics?

Investment in marketing will help your company to strengthen market position, increased brand awareness and improve customer relations. Relating to business opportunity, marketing activities also contribute to the sales promotion as well as sales activities in a distribution channel to stimulate the demand. 

Social Networking Marketing - LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading B2B social platform that helps your business growth by generating leads, promoting thought leadership content and driving traffic to your company website. In addition, LinkedIn has been constantly adding functionality to its already powerful marketing and ad offerings, creating ever more opportunities for B2B marketers to reach out to prospects.

Logistics Exhibitions Presenting

Logistics Exhibitions are the new emerging market in the logistics industry. As the demand for better partnerships between trading companies and logistics service providers increases, logistics exhibitions have become a great business opportunity for logistics companies to make new contacts, maintain existing partnerships as well as to promote their brand among the logistics industry and expand their business worldwide

Long-term business success requires convincing and continuous presentation in all the major markets and especially at the important logistics fairs all over the world.

Logistics Networking

The international trends in business make the role of logistics network become a strong base for logistics players to be successful and competitive in the global market. If you are not familiar with concept of logistics networks, here is a brief explanation: logistics networks are logistics companies and independent freight forwarders that work in collaboration to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions and end-to-end logistics from project initiation to sustainable operations for long term partnerships and exchanging business opportunities.

What do you get when joining logistics network?

• New opportunities for your business

• Financial Protection 

• Reduce risks by reliable partnership

• Expand your market worldwide 

• Participate in the Annual Logistics Conference

Online Freight Marketplaces 

In the freight marketplace, "Rate Quoting" is one of the most important components of logistics business. On the other hand, customs clearance and documentation, temporary warehousing, final mile delivery and so much more emphasize the importance and need for forwarders. In the meantime, all these tasks are often done in uneven ways; thus, the overall processes become inefficient.

As a result, digitalizing freight forwarding process as well as the rest of the supply chain becomes inevitable. An online freight marketplace is described as an online website or platform where a product or service is provided by multiple third parties with transactions processed by the marketplace operator. They leverage the data and turn it into a new service that helps to optimize routes for a shipper, forecast capacity needs or rates by route, and evaluate carriers.

The basic premise of those online platforms is aimed to cut costs and reduce paperwork. In other words, online freight marketplace helps to smooth the automated quoting process and add the accuracy and guarantee integrated technology to reduce process costs. The emergence of an online freight marketplace seemed to put freight forwarders in consideration to catch up with technology trends and maintain their competency.  

What do online freight marketplaces basically offer their client? First, the most basic to mention is freight quote, which allows clients to check routes from the starting point until the end for quotations

Furthermore, customers can also track their sent cargos. Some services provide a variety of resources including calculator tool to specify cargo volume and weight, researches about logistics, blogs, some offer more advanced data.  

Extracted from the journal, p. 19

The future of the freight forwarding 

The process of obtaining freight rates has been remarked with several inefficiencies including the length of time it takes to obtain a quote and then turn the quote into an order quickly. The growth of online freight marketplaces has been a right way to correct these inefficiencies

This marketplace model is being utilized more and more in the logistics industry; it can prove to be beneficial for both the shippers as well as the freight forwarders. By upgrading with the new system and digitalizing operation process, the logistics managers will be confident of their competitiveness. The improvement on maximizing service productivity will exploit more business opportunities, as well as, increase customers' satisfaction.


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