How a Forwarding Company Can Increase Sales? - Technological Approach

Jun 11, 2019 Valeria Guliy Valeria Guliy

Business owners, who started a company not so long ago, are still puzzled over this issue, because over the past 5 years, cargo traffic in many regions of the world have significantly decreased. However, paradoxically, it became easier to book cargo transport than to buy airplane tickets.

Automation of sales in logistics

We present you a new tool for freight forwarders. The SeaRates team has developed the most powerful automatic quotation system ever created. It fully adapts to the needs of your customers and service standards. To find out how to quote a rate to a client’s in 20 seconds - email us at!

Teach your website to instantly calculate and sell tariffs using the Logistics Explorer application. It is not just convenient for your customers, it is a huge time saving and an indisputable plus for your company.

The illustration of the route on the world map is important for showing the transport process in terms of responsibility for the safety of cargo in all sections of its route. For example, delivery of cargo on FOB or CIF terms, place of change of the vehicle.

One of the best ways to convey transport information to the user is to visualize the route on a map. Thanks to a clear demonstration, the tariff calculation looks easy and affordable for your client.

Take a look at this video, perhaps many shots at the beginning will be very familiar to you:

Why is Logistics Explorer the best solution for freight forwarders?

There are at least five reasons for this.

  1. very simple and intuitive interface. Ongoing support and help materials.
  2. the functionality has long been thought out and almost perfect. You will not spend money to refine the functionality.
  3. convenient import tariffs. Most of the work is filling with tariffs and connecting partners.
  4. beautiful and easy to use front-end.
  5. strong advertising functionality for SEO with organic return of clients to the site.


Air / FCL / LCL / Road / Rail rates

You can upload all your rates at the same time, whether by air or by sea (FCL and LCL). A tariff import tool can help you quickly load and organize all basic and variable transportation costs. Watch this short video to see the ease and simplicity of the process of adding tariffs for any type of transport:

Online quotation tool for freight forwarders

You can set specific tariffs for each client, as well as easily assign default charging for each client using Virtual Office. Quote instantly in 24/7/365 mode, no matter how many new rates - 100 or 10,000 you get every day - Logistics Explorer will take care of them.

At the request of the client, you can also send individual quotes. Manage all your offers from a single platform!

SeaRates is a digital space and logistics providers community that creates an efficient, safe and reliable service for the delivery of goods, helps in the sales process and automates the workflow, simplifying the work of your company and saving valuable staff time.

We invite you to join our open group for communication on international transport activities, as well as our Telegram channel for shipping innovations and industry updates - join us now!

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