How to Effectively Sell Goods Abroad

Jun 14, 2019 Sergey Dzhashytov Sergey Dzhashytov

Every exporter at least once thought about why people make millions of purchases daily in international online stores such as Amazon, AliExpress, GerBest and others, and they are not confused by international shipping and waiting; they send money in advance without any problems and want to buy good things cheaper. But why it does not work with big quantities of goods? Why should wholesale companies and large retail supermarket networks still have procurement departments, dig for reliable suppliers, check them in dozens of resources and connect the legal department to agree on complex contracts (which still do not save); Why do you need to build long trusting relationships with each supplier in China or another country in order to establish a more or less stable business? 

Someone may say, "You are that! It does not work like that. It is completely different - transport risks, customs, inconsistency of documents, etc.! You save on large consignments , but you must understand the hassles associated with this."

However, today we want to dispel this stereotype.

Logistics Explorer for international trade

What if they tell you that ordering a container lot of goods is as easy as adding children's toys to the cart on the online supermarket website? Then check your order, specify shipping address and make payment. It is now a reality.

Of course, the purchase amount will be ten times more. Undoubtedly, you need to think about how to pack the goods and save space, because the cost of container freight is reflected in each unit of production. And there can be a lot of different items in the container!

So, we present you the trading version of the Logistics Explorer platform - LE Trade. The module speeds up the process of calculating, purchasing and delivering goods, and can also be integrated on your site as an online storefront, allowing your potential buyers to add their orders to the cart and see their total value.



Stuffing optimization

Save free space in transport, thereby reducing the cost of delivery per unit of cargo. All this in a visual 3D view. This is how the online application works in the next stage, when the list of products is determined.



Best shipping rates

LE Trade is your dedicated logistic partner. It will provide your buyer with the best transportation options from the world's leading transport companies on the route where you need to deliver the goods. This way you can plan the entire transport process in just a few minutes. No more difficult than delivering an order from a store around the corner, isn't it?


You can connect or disconnect transport companies from your site, choosing which one will participate in tariff calculations for your goods.

Calculate how much operational time your managers spend on performing individual calculations per ton for each customer. LE Trade is a new way to automate internal processes.

Do not wait - try it now!



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