Online Sales of Transport Services - New "Weapon" of Logisticians

Jul 28, 2019 Sergey Dzhashytov Sergey Dzhashytov

Equip your site with an effective "weapon" that allows you to instantly quote rates and win new customers. Logistics Explorer is an indispensable tool for use by shippers, allowing you to get more online bookings and improve your website’s ranking in search engines, as well as return customers to the site.

SeaRates continues to expand into the global market, and we are looking for strong partners who can apply our technologies to scale their business opportunities.

Online bookings within SeaRates and on your website

Today, SeaRates is an international online company focused on selling freight shipping services online. The site for more than a decade has been used by hundreds of thousands of people. With a quantity of 20,000+ visitors per day, it has Alexa top-70K global ranking and is also included in the top-5 web resources dedicated to container shipping.

The Logistics Explorer platform is a simple and effective technology that can be integrated into your website, styled and placed under your logo, and which will work around the clock and without days off. Its goal is to cover all global delivery routes and all modes of transport, including sea (FCL, LCL and Bulk), road (FCL, FTL, LTL), air and rail (FCL, FWL, LWL) - and provide best solution to your customers as quickly as possible.

Sample site of one of the partners -

If you are a forwarder, a carrier, a logistics company, or an enterprise that has its own transport, or you just want to sell more services to your customers, you can use this platform wisely to your advantage. You add your rates to the system and sell them on your site; We synchronize your tariffs and promote them to our entire audience!

We receive many requests 

On average, this is a new request every minute in different world directions; and that's not counting online searches on the platform. And we cannot process them all on our own, being limited to one hundred people in our team. That is why we are sharing this technology with your company.

The logistics market in each country is vast enough to look for an effective way to reach as many customers as possible. Our task is to help partners take a step forward and become part of futuristic online efficiency - the world of logistics is aiming for.

We allow partners not only to quote rates to visitors, but also to work on existing requests on our site.

Teamwork on tariffs

The platform can not only quote and accept online bookings. It also allows carriers around the world to exchange tariffs so that they can support each other: you no longer need to ask the agent for the cost of freight or local expenses by email to resell them to your client - you simply synchronize the data of your partners and specify your commission.

In addition, other logistics companies can pull up your rates on their sites. For example, a US forwarder has a customer who is seeking delivery from Riga to New York. If this forwarder does not have a table rate, they can request the shipping line (and wait 24 hours), or they can subscribe to the tariffs of the local SeaRates forwarder in Latvia, add their mark-up and immediately quote the price to the customer. If the client received the service so quickly - what are the chances that he/she wants to continue communicating with this company? That's right - huge!

The vibrant Logistics Explorer software can be combined with your existing website to achieve a dynamic position in the freight forwarding niche in your area.

Why is this interesting to you?

The international shipping market will sooner or later go online simply because people will always want transparency, speed and convenience.

By integrating Logistics Explorer for your company, you get a $ 1 million technology that will turn your website from a simple web page into a powerful sales tool that quotes rates for your customers 24/7 without weekends and holidays.

By the way, have you thought before, how many customers have you lost due to an unanswered call or email, or the incompetence of your sales team? This may never happen again.

Why is it interesting to us?

We want to cover the whole world with competitive and up-to-date transportation tariffs and provide customers - importers, exporters, traders and other shippers - the fastest and most convenient way to get prices and book a transport. You can help us with this!

If you are interested, please email us at, and our specialist will contact you to show you all the functionality and provide you with any additional information.

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