5 Shipping Container Uses That May Surprise You

Whenever you think of shipping containers, the definition based on the name comes to mind: containers meant for shipping. But what if I told you these large metal boxes can be useful for much more? 

After all, shipping containers aren't terribly complicated on their own. With some ingenuity and effort, you can turn them into something surprising. 

Here are a few shipping containers uses that I bet you didn't think existed.

1. Swimming Pool

For the homeowner, one of the more unique ideas for shipping containers is transforming it into a swimming pool. 

Your modern above-ground swimming pool is typically made of plastic that could tear and leak. With a shipping container, you have something strong and durable.

Typically, pools made this way are lined with a sealant or a dropped-in liner to keep the water from touching the steel. That way, you won't swallow rust-filled water. 

2. Shipping Container Clinic

With a huge push for more clinics during the global pandemic, one suggested solution has been using shipping containers as mobile clinics. 

What experts need to know is that these clinics, while mobile in nature, can be outfitted for any use, ranging from crisis centers to intensive surgery units. This makes them perfect for dealing with situations such as COVID-19. 

They would also be useful for establishing clinics in poorer areas around the world without the resources to build newer medical centers.

3. Laboratories and Educational Facilities

Speaking of third-world countries, shipping containers can be utilized to set up laboratories and educational facilities in areas without. 

Constructing a school building can be costly, both in resources and manpower. A used shipping container can provide a structure that locals can modify for whatever use they need. 

Local and visiting researchers can create labs that can then be easily dismantled at the end of their studies. Educators with no school building can create a welcoming and safe environment for their students. 

4. Shipping Container Homes

Why buy or rent your home when you could be a trendy millennial and make one out of a shipping container

When making your own home, the cost is a big deciding factor on what you can do. With low shipping container prices, you can purchase a unit and either utilize the cargo space or tear it down and repurpose the materials. 

Many builders are combining containers to create larger, more intricate structures, while others opt for more traditional-looking houses. 

5. Disaster Shelter

In the case of a disaster, sheltering individuals who've lost their homes can be a challenge for local government. However, construction sites are everywhere, and so are the containers that held their materials.

In the case of wildfires, pop-up shelters in shipping containers can be a boon for misplaced families. They're easy to move, set up, and provide a good option that doesn't require construction. 

Shipping Container Uses Are Abundant

Those were just five of the many shipping containers uses out there, and you're only limited by your imagination. 

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Mark Henry is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, he likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, he loves to spend his time with his family, explaining technologies to the elders.  

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