18 years of SeaRates: The Way We Celebrate

Jul 10, 2023 Sophia Shkuro Sophia Shkuro

June 2023 highlighted the "coming of age" of SeaRates - your trusted platform for optimizing freight transportation.

We are glad to have the opportunity to congratulate our beloved company and wish it a success. Our team is pleased to invite you to take a look behind the scenes and hear our personal impressions and sincere feelings about the company's employees worldwide! 

The Ukrainian Office of SeaRates starts with sincere congratulations. We gladly introduce Stefan Rogovskiy, COO of SeaRates, and the Logistics, Administrative, IT, Creative, Marketing, Digital, and DFA Departments.

Up next to share their stories about their work and the company will be the SeaRates Digital Department. Especially on this day, our colleagues' eyes were particularly bright with enthusiasm for their work, client cases, and a constant thirst to do their best. Because this day makes each of us remember how much SeaRates manages to be helpful in today's logistics market.

We are always incredibly pleased to have a chance to share our thoughts on workflow and find better ways of communicating at the company. So, Iva Liu, an Account Manager at SeaRates in the China Office, joined us in congratulating the company and sharing her impressions of the work environment at SeaRates.

Our employees' creativity, engagement, and unique yet harmonious vision of the SeaRates mission inspire each of us to share our thoughts and initiatives. Meanwhile, the Indonesia Office joins in the congratulations. Balqis Salsabiila, an Account Manager at SeaRates, shares with us a heartfelt part of her valuable contribution to the company.

People are the most valued and essential part of SeaRates' philosophy. Open and transparent communication, a shared vision of success, and a willingness to find better ways to work together unite SeaRates employees, clients, and partners. In his admiration and impressions of the SeaRates team around the world, Phillip Delos Reyes, Operations Manager at SeaRates in the Philippines Office, will share his thoughts and congratulations to the company.  

Employees at SeaRates have a sense of the company's mission because we see customers expressing appreciation for our assistance. And the company has also given us opportunities, for which we are grateful. And Genaisa De Los Santos, an Account Management Officer at SeaRates in the Dominican Republic Office, is going to tell us how she feels about the company's growth and what she personally found to be the reason for SeaRates' success.

On behalf of SeaRates team members, we admire the company's success and progress. The atmosphere of commitment and a clear plan for the development of the industry gives us a sense of confidence in everything we do here.

Artem Brezgin, Key Account Manager in the Canadian Office, congratulates SeaRates on 18 years of success, and we wish it to each of us. 

SeaRates Networking

People are the greatest value of the company. We strive for the best logistics practices and a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

SeaRates logistics influencers are known to a wide audience in the industry. We present our services at international conferences, which inspire us to share our valuable expertise with the world.

Also, our growth has significantly increased since 2020, driven by the fact that SeaRates has become part of the DP World family, one of the world's largest port operators.

This improves our services and gives us a great advantage in the market – our offers for worldwide shipping are unique, up-to-date, and fully managed by us.

We are doing more to provide you with the best solution for your urgent logistics needs in our weekly updates.

Hence, being united by a common cause, inspiring stories, and our own passion to grow the industry, we celebrated SeaRates' 18th anniversary at the Ukrainian office. 

Happy Birthday to SeaRates! Wishing you all the best, all you have to do is realize your wildest plans!

Each of us enjoys working at SeaRates for different reasons. For some of us, the company has provided valuable experience in logistics or the development of IT solutions for shipping. Someone dreamed of feeling part of a worthy mission, and someone feels their immense contribution to the development of the global supply chain. Someone found the friendly empathy of a colleague, the achievement of cherished career goals, or all of these at the same time!

Each employee is grateful to each other for their support and unity. And for the opportunity to achieve things together that they could not have done alone.

The entire SeaRates team is grateful to every client who turned to us. Our constant duties to you are to continuously improve our services, create new innovative solutions, and fulfill your logistics needs. Our cooperation makes us the cream of the crop in the modern logistics market. We do not rest on our laurels but are always happy to offer you the best.

Sophia Shkuro is a content manager from Dnipro, Ukraine. Believes that the more complex a thing is, the easier it should be to write about it. Dreams of a future vacation by the sea.