- the largest online Freight Broker in the World is a leading provider of web-based freight transportation management services to businesses of all kinds. Our Carrier Comparison and Shipment Management solutions help customers simplify and optimize the process of freight shipment while reducing their transportation expenditures.


SeaRates makes freight shipping easy with instant freight quotes from thousands of carriers. We provide shippers with tools that make freight transportation management faster, simpler, and more cost efficient. To accomplish our strategy, we focus on delivering innovative technology connected to outstanding Freight Brokers staffed with the best people — people with experience, energy, insight and a fervent customer service mentality.

请细心的选择,不断的评估,SeaRates网上物流能够为您提供最好的解决复杂问题和难的物流问题,我们能够为您提供最高标准的执行和可靠的保障。所有经过SeaRates授权的公司,都在过去几年和我们成功的合作中向我们证明了他们在全球运输市场上的专业性,高效用,和可靠性。这种模式使得SeaRates 的信用随着历史的发展一直在增长,我们要保持我们的信念遥望更加美好的未来。

We power you with a network of companies involved in shipping and freight forwarding to all countries of the world. We can accommodate your needs to transport anything, including: vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles), watercraft and boats, heavy machinery and equipment, dangerous goods, or household items. We can accommodate full container loads (FCL) or smaller shipments (LCL), as well as Break bulk. Thanks to our system of quick quotations, you can easily obtain a reasonable price for the type of shipment you are interested in. Rates on SeaRates are always provided by the leading companies in the freight forwarding market. SeaRates operates globally, through our partnerships with local service providers covering North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and Australia.

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