Freight, shipping and chartering glossary

CCL是一个现代化的船公司,该公司提供到美洲,地中海和非洲的航线服务。目前,CCL是由GF集团控制。后者作为一家意大利公司,是全球水果的生产和销售市场的领军者。该集团拥有10艘船舶,和21分长期租船契约 租船的缩写,租船条款,物流的缩写,含义,定义,租船缩写运输,租船缩写的定义,常见的装运条款,船舶术语词典
ABC分析 A method for classifying company resources according to their importance with respect to stocks of raw materials, components, suppliers, customers, etc.
如果您想得到所有的报价,您只需要登录然后花费至少5美金。 A carrier's ability to provide transportation services from an origin to a destination.
港口费用 A carrier's fee for additional services specified in the contract, such as loading, unloading, pickup, and delivery.
情节 An alert that an MRP or DRP system generates to modify an existing planned or approved order.
运输时间 Goods ensuring the continuity of production supplies or sale of products between two consecutive deliveries.
ARKAS活动领域 A method of cost managing associated with the operations of the physical movement of goods, by type of activity and finished product.
Additional Commercial Invoice An invoice with additional information.
Advanced shipment notice A list with the designation of the goods transmitted to a customer or consignor (sometimes includes the expected arrival time).
Affreightment, Contract Of An agreement between the shipowner and the charterer on the hiring of a ship (all or part of its premises) for the carriage of goods. In this case, a consignor undertakes to pay the established fee (freight) for transportation, and a carrier - to deliver the goods to the port of destination.
每年年费 Payment of agent services for servicing a vessel in a port, that is, for an agent performing the usual functions of representing the interests of a shipowner and assistance to the ship's captain in a port. Sometimes called attendance fee.
关税计划 Tariffs of an agent for his/her services for carriers.
报关代理/经纪 An authorized person (entity or individual) performing certain actions on behalf of another person (principal) on his behalf and in his interests.
凝聚 Form of combining different companies into a whole by location.
价格 A special rate for a shipper if you offer more than 2 class-related shipments at the same time and one place.
Air cargo / Air freight Transportation of goods by an air carrier.
Air Cargo Agent A transport company that provides customers with a wide range of services to simplify the transport of goods by air.
Air Cargo Containers This is a pallet or container used to transport air cargo. Air Cargo containers fall into three categories: 1) air cargo pallets 2) lower deck containers 3) box type containers.
空运 Freight forwarding company that provides air transportation services via air.
空运 Public means of transport are designed to carry passengers for a fee by air.
空运 A document issued by a consignor or his agent which confirms the existence of an agreement between a shipper and a carrier on the carriage of goods by carrier’s airlines.
Airport and Airway Trust Fund (AATF) A fund that provides funding for federal obligations under the United States aviation system through several aviation-related excise taxes.
Alameda Corridor Surcharge (ACS) Surcharge for a container transported by rail through the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.
K- Line美国公司是川崎汽船株式会社的一个美国子公司,一个综合性的全球运输公司。在北美,K-Line提供西北太平洋、西南太平洋、环太平洋地区、美国东海岸和远东之间的两个全水路服务,多个固定班次每天通过巴拿马运河,以及欧洲/地中海、北美东海岸和海湾每周三固定一天的运输服务。K-Line美国公司和K-Line加拿大有限公司运营27个办事处,遍布北美。K-Line为美国提供全方位服务的代表性并支持K-Line在北美奠定客户基础 The term used when transportation is carried out exclusively by water.
承运人 An air carrier that carries only cargo.
Amazon Reference ID A unique number used by to identify Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipments upon arrival at the warehouse.
Amendment Fee Payment of changes or corrections to the contract or any other legal document of legal significance.
Antidumping Duties (ADD) Determining the correct transportation charges due the carrier; auditing involves checking the freight bill for errors, correct rate, and weight.Additional import duty on goods exported at prices below the normal prices of the world market or domestic prices of the exporting country
价格 A rate that doesn’t depend on the quantity of cargo and is the same for any cargo.
隐私条款,注意事项 Notification of the estimated time of arrival of the vessel at a specific location (normally the destination).
分配 One party to an agreement, contract, or financial instrument, with the consent of another party, transfers the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and benefits to a third party.
供应商认证,工厂审核 The term is used to determine the accuracy of freight bills.
审核 Assessment of the company's activities for compliance with certain criteria and requirements, in accordance with regulatory documents.
Automate Manifest System (AMS) The system used by US Customs for submitting documents they require for electronic declaration of goods coming into the US.
平均成本 总成本,固定加变量除以总产出。