Tips to Make your Shipping Business More Profitable

Oct 14, 2019 Fawad Malik Fawad Malik

As more and more people prefer buying stuff online and also want to receive ordered products through on their door steps instead of walking into the company outlet, product delivery or shipping can be one of the most vital business aspects for you if you also sell online. In this competitive business landscape, the need for trustworthy product shipping is growing significantly and can have a significant impact on overall efficiency of an online business or ecommerce company. 

If you are also selling goods online with an option of order shipping or simply offering shipping services, you need to build a strong customer base which is fulfilled with shipping service you offer in order to make your shipping business more profitable. Here we have gathered some tips to improve your company’s shipping process not only to save money & time, but to generate more profits as well.

Improve Communication with your Warehouse

Fast and real time communication with the warehouse and other concerns is one of the vital aspects to provide your customers with fast and safe delivery. It should take moments to process an order or delivery from your warehouse if you really want to deliver within given TAT. Improved communication with warehouse not only helps you manage stock and maintain favorable inventory levels, but also allows you to keep track of ordered processes or to be processed. For this purpose, you should be speaking to the warehouse manager or other employees via telephone call or latest communication solutions like instant messengers etc. instead of sending emails. The ease of sending email never outdated, but speaking the concerns in real time can help you prevent misconnection to provide your customers with better services

Automate Repetitive Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks such as notifying the customers, contacting suppliers, and processing orders are known as repetitive tasks and are boring too. Such tasks are most important to carry on effective business processes but can easily drain the workforce. Automation of several administrative tasks can help you make the business more profitable by getting them done properly without facing human errors. Tasks automations doesn’t mean you have to fire lots of your team members but they can save a lot of money, time and efforts that can be used on other productive things to generate more revenues. According to an article ‘Ways to Make Your Business More Profitable’ published on Nogentech, implementing a new approach to carry out several business operations enables you to generate more profits and business process automation could be a great step to get started.

Use Shipment Tracking solutions

In order to provide an improved customer experience, you must have a shipment tracking solution at place. It is a best way to keep track of shipments or deliveries and to notify customers regarding any changes made to their tracking status in real time. Investing in a reliable shipment tracking solution not only benefit the company but also provides details like delay in delivery, shipment details, and change in track order number etc. about the processed orders. It is the great option to increase customer satisfaction incredibly to get more leads and orders.

Keep your Customers Informed via SMS Updates

Keeping customers updated regarding delivery status and other information is one of the best ways to improve your shipping business. Providing them with notifications about their orders on their mobile phones via SMS can help you make them feel satisfied. You can keep them updated about what is happening and when they will receive their orders. Sending SMS to customers is a good idea because they can receive and read without having internet connection. Latest shipment tracking systems can also generate automatic SMS notifications for each of your customer to keep them informed. 

Offer Reliable and easy to use Online Tracking Information

Let the customer check status of their orders on their own. Providing your customers with order tracking number allows them to check the status of a shipment or order from your website in real time. On-site tracking is a superb option you can provide your customers so they can conveniently track their orders on their mobile devices even while on the go. When customers are pleased with the services you provide, they are more likely to visit you again for more leads and orders. In this way, you can generate more profits than ever before

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