A Guide: Storing Products and Materials Safely

Sep 03, 2019 Elizabeth Raw Elizabeth Raw

Before you can go ahead and ship out your goods, you first have to store them. To ensure that damage isn’t caused either to you or the products that you look after, you must resolve to keep them stored away safely. Fail to take such action, and any kind of trouble could, quite literally, befall you on any given day.

To unearth all the things that you can do to store products and materials safely, be sure to read on.

Invest in Robust Shelving

To ensure that you have the capacity to store a vast amount of goods, you need to make use of all the space that you have in your designated storage area. You cannot, however, use up floor space that needs to be used as a pathway, which means you’re going to have to store upwards. 

This is easier said than done, especially when safety is involved. When you decide to stack your storage upwards, even the tiniest of mistakes can bring the entirety of your product line crashing down to the ground. For this reason, you must invest in a robust racking and shelving unit. Taking this kind of measure when it comes to storing your goods will allow you to stack upwards in as safe a fashion as possible. Forget the upfront cost of taking such action — no matter how much you pay, the shelving unit that you invest in will you be sure to repay you with years of safe service.

Create Safe Emergency Exit Routes

Your storage area needs to be safe for all those that enter it. Take your eye off the ball in this instance and someone could end up becoming injured, and you may have to face the repercussions of a liability lawsuit.

To keep your storage area safe, you must create emergency exit routes that are clear and easy to navigate for all those that could potentially be forced to use them. This means that you need to accommodate those that do speak your mother tongue as well as those that don’t. To overcome language barriers in this instance, you should use signposts that lead to the exits using arrows, not words.

This should be the case for all the signs that you put up around your workspace; avoid signs that use words and invest your money in those that caution against danger using pictures and caricatures. For example, if you need to warn somebody that hazardous materials can be found in the area, don’t use a sign that says ‘Hazardous Materials, Beware.’ Instead, use universal symbols such as fire, a cross, and/or a skull. Regardless of what language they speak, this will be sure to alert everybody that enters your workspace that they have to exercise a bit of caution within it.

By not taking safety seriously within your storage area, you could cause untold amounts of damage to your stock, to anybody that visits the space, and yourself. Don’t take a chance in this instance — take the above advice and be sure to safeguard your stock room before it’s too late.

Elizabeth works for R+R Packaging, providers of biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging materials for businesses within a wide variety of industries.

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