Freight, shipping and chartering glossary

The weight of the container and/or packing materials only - excluding the weight of the goods inside the container.
Un documento emitido por un transportista que establece las reglas, tarifas y cargos aplicables para el movimiento de mercancías. El documento establece un contrato de transporte entre el embarcador, el consignatario y el transportista.
Origin charge for an original BL issued for shipment and the supplier holds the hard copy forms.
Toll Fee
Surcharged associated with drayage over a bridge or through a highway.
Una medida de la producción de transporte de carga que refleja el peso del envío y la distancia a la que el transportista lo transporta; una multiplicación de las toneladas transportadas y la distancia recorrida.
The volumetric characteristic of the vessel, expressed in cubic meters, shows how much cargo can be accepted for transportation.
Determinación de la ubicación de un envío durante el transcurso de una mudanza.
A system for tracking the location of shipments on the map in real-time.
Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF)
A fee paid when a terminal becomes congested.
Servicio de Tramp
Buques que operan sin un itinerario fijo, horario o contrato de fletamento.
Tiempo de tránsito
The total delivery time of the container (cargo), calculated from the moment of loading onto the vessel until the moment of unloading at the port of destination.
Cost to transfer containers from 40s/HCs to 53' trailers.
Carta de transmisión
A letter accompanying the supply of securities, documents or other property, usually containing a brief description of the securities, documents or property being sent and an explanation of the transaction.
Transport Arbitrary at Origin
A fee covers haulage from the exporter’s premises to the port/warehouse.
Moving cargo from one vessel or another vehicle to another vehicle at the same transport point.
Surcharge associated with drayage of overweight containers.
Trucker unloading time
Surcharge for unloading at final destination.
Trucker waiting time
Surcharge for unloading at final destination.
Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit (TEU)
A shipping container whose internal dimensions measure about 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet tall.