Proyecto de carga

Transportation of bulky, heavy, expensive or important (for the project for which they are intended) pieces of equipment is carried out in a short time and at reasonable prices. is a place where you can get services for the integrated transportation of oversized and project cargo internationally. Our logistics community will provide quality and professional assistance to the client on any issue, will give the best solution for the type and route of transportation. The most important thing is the transportation of oversized or heavy-lift cargo is made in the right time, and customers are very pleased with its cost.

What is profitable of choosing the transportation solution of project cargo at

Top world’s logistics companies at SeaRates provide the following conditions

  • Multiple options of multimodal project cargo delivery (by containers, rail, trucks or even air, as well as on ship decks)
  • Affordable competitive prices
  • Individual services and approach to each client, taking into account all interests and requirements
  • Assistance in paperwork
  • Every forwarding company is fully responsible for the transportation of oversized cargo based on the insurance protection
  • Online-tracking of every shipment
  • Professional knowledge of established rules, regulations and standards in each country
  • Performance of work at high level
  • Coordination of legal requirements of various countries for oversized or heavy cargo transportation
  • Guaranteed delivery at the right time (without various delays)
  • Services you can choose within to deliver project cargo

    Forwarders at SeaRates have competence to transport construction equipment, river and sea transport, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, as well as transportation of various non-standard equipment and machinery. SeaRates has modern technologies for transport different types of various payloads, which are qualitatively performed by international and local freight transportation.

    If you want to know how much it will cost to transport a project cargo, for this we have developed an online calculator, where you need to input your personal data, place of departure and arrival, the number of services, information about the cargo (weight, length, height, width). By doing that you are getting all the information about your transportation, price and time.

  • Ways of project cargo transportation by sea, road and railway

    Sea freight for over-gauge cargo is normally performed in specialized container equipment, such as Flat-Racks, Open-Tops and Platforms. This is valid for cargoes which not exceed 12m by length and 3m by height and width. In other cases it requires special arrangements, or shipping on the deck of a chartered vessel. Delivery of oversized and heavy cargo by road is made with the following parameters: weight over 25 tons, width over 2.54 meters, length over 13,5 meters, height over 2,7 m. Rail transportation of project cargoes can be performed either in containers as multimodal delivery, if the sizes allow, or otherwise – on rail platforms or freight wagons (which is more common for heavy-weight cargo). For each type of transportation, you can calculate its cost. If you encounter difficulties, you can contact the forwarder in chat who will find a way out for all the problems and explain what and how to do.

    International transportation of oversized cargo is organized in all countries of the world, you can find any transport solution of the category that you order. The price depends on the size, delivery time, type of the cargo and individual conditions.