SeaRates Updates - Week 9-13, 2019

Jul 27, 2019 Stefan Rogovskiy Stefan Rogovskiy

Previous innovations can be viewed in the past updates release.

Extended version of Tracking

One of the first applications developed by SeaRates remains at the top of the popularity list and meets the needs of customers (both shippers and freight forwarders) for cargo tracking.

Of course, SeaRates tracking does not stand still, and, collecting feedback and suggestions from many customers, continues to evolve. This time, the main update was the ability to import and export container lists using Excel files, which is especially important for large exporters.

This functionality was implemented with the support of a major Indian manufacturer of metal products - CMR India. Thanks to this development, many customers will be able to save even more time on obtaining information about the location of the goods.

Also, the tracking system allows you to see the location of the vessel with your cargo on a map in real time. This is achieved by determining the coordinates using AIS-towers located around the world and makes tracking information even more accurate.

All events recorded in the chronology of the movement of each container are stored in history, and each client has the opportunity to see data on the cargo delivery in any period of time - on desktop or mobile devices.

Plumbum Magazine

The famous Israeli journal Plumbum, dedicated to businessmen and their success stories, positioning itself as a “Men's magazine that unites legendary men of our time who have achieved some success” showed a desire to interview SeaRates and tell you about the “Treasure Ship” in a few pages. Look for a detailed story in the publication.

Cargo Wizard 

Cargo Wizard has become The quintessence of the applications for exporters and sellers shipping goods abroad - a module for optimizing all stages of working with goods.

At the first stage, the software allows you to create a list of your most frequent products and work with them on a regular basis. Each product contains the most detailed information, such as weight, size and volume, name, price and visual view. This list, no matter how large it may become over time (for this search and navigation is provided), can be used to generate a packing list, invoice and many other documents.

After selecting the product(s), the user can proceed to the rapid creation of various documents necessary in the process of transportation by various modes of transport, as well as customs clearance. At the moment the list of standard documents contains: invoice, packing list, stuffing plan, instructions to the bill of lading (shipping instructions), quotation (commercial offer), application for purchase, VGM-declaration and certificate of origin. All documents are stored in the user's Virtual Office.

Thanks to integration with the Load Calculator, in the next stage, the system allows you to calculate the optimal location of the cargo in the vehicle, while all the characteristics of the goods from the list are tightened automatically, which allows you to work with the finished base and save time without manually entering the parameters every time the new shipment comes.

Regardless of the combination in which the buyer placed an order, the application allows you to determine its best loading plan and see it clearly (plus, if necessary, receive step-by-step loading instructions), and thereby eliminate overpayments for using additional containers or vehicles.

Finally, after the preparatory part, the Cargo Wizard, which uses the API of Logistics Explorer and pull up tariffs from the best transport companies, allows you to calculate the freight cost to the destination of each customer, and even see all the costs, taking into account customs clearance. Then these calculations can be used to make an offer to a potential buyer on various Incoterms , including delivery.

Each document uses the data previously saved in the list, and can also select “From” and “To” counterparties from a previously prepared database - they do not have to be re-entered, it is enough just once.

Quick request and registration

Previously, when searching rates on rare destinations, for example, Nicaragua - Laos, and in the absence of a tariff, the user could only see the inscription “No rate” and go to a separate page for placing the request.

A little later, the platform began to give the ability to quickly add a query directly from the same place:

However, in order for the request to be found in the list of all leads, the user must have an account. At the same time, not all site visitors want to spend time registering.

To solve this problem and increase the efficiency of processing the request, our team added an automatic registration feature. Now, when you add a quick request, the user account will be created automatically, and an email with the login data will be sent to his/her email. If desired, they will be able to log into account, change the password and fill in the necessary information, but this is no longer necessary. The most important thing is the ability to get the maximum effect from the service, freight forwarders will be able to contact with customer, and no one forced to do any extra action.

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