SeaRates Updates - Week 30, 2020

Jul 24, 2020 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

If you missed – we recommend looking at updates for the previous week.

All Shipping Leads

Now you can select all types of shipments with one click.

Also, updated icons for Land FCL.

Distances & Time

We have added more information about our tool to the site. Now you can find out all the benefits of the tool and how to use it here.


Main page 

Now you can see all the existing APIs and information on them here.

Ship Schedules API

You can learn more about Ship Schedules API here.

Tracking System API

You can learn more about Tracking System API here.

Privacy Policy on SeaRates, LandRates, and AirRates

We updated our Privacy Policy. All information can be found on the respective pages on,, and

Search on our blog 

You can search for keywords in existing articles. It is now easier to find the article or information you are interested in. Try it here.

Emails for DFA members 

Now you will receive a notification that your membership in the DFA expires. You will be able to pay for your membership on time.

Also, a notification is received if the membership has expired.

New on the Directory tab

On the Directory tab, you can see your Account Manager and his contact information.

Also, you can find which companies your account manager works with.

There is a new Industry column. Your company will be assigned a primary specialization according to the specific primary products you work with. 

Digital Freight Alliance development

New members from Russia, Hong Kong, and Israel joined us this week. 104 members from 42 countries have already joined the DFA.

It's very pleasant to get positive feedback from members starting their journey with the logistics network of the new generation. 

Stay tuned for DFA updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Updates Pending

Load Calculator

The main functions have been developed: multilevel recursive loading of loads, loading barrels, boxes, and recursive blocks. Optimization of loading pallets or containers is under development.

Tracking System

Added support for a new shipping line - Perma Shipping Line. We now support 20 shipping lines. 

The route API has also been improved. Completely updated module for determining locations (new algorithm and new database).

A new, accessible, and understandable section in the API Documentation is under development.

Cargo Wizard 

We have connected the database for the "Create a new company" tab. You can add/edit/delete products in the package list. The algorithm for adding products depending on the packaging has been changed. 

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