SeaRates Updates - Week 29, 2020

If you missed – we recommend looking at updates for the previous week

All Shipping Leads

We have updated All Shipping Leads on SeaRates, LandRates, AirRates. Now it will be easier for each user to work with our functionality.

SSO (Single Sign-On) on SeaRates, LandRates, and AirRates

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems. It is often accomplished by using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and stored LDAP databases on (directory) servers.

If you log in to your personal SeaRates account, you will automatically log in to LandRates, AirRates.

Ship Schedules 

Fixed bugs in the schedules of shipping lines such as Hamburg Sud and Yang Ming. Improved loading of schedules on the Hamburg Sud shipping line.

Distances & Time iFrame 

Now you can integrate our tool into your site via iframe. With our tool, your customers won't visit your competitors' websites.

Map of DFA Members

You can now see the map with all existing DFA members through the Directory tab

On the map, you can see which country the existing members are in.

DFA emails

Now, when a new provider joins the DFA membership, all existing members will receive an email notification.

Also, the new member will receive a welcome email with login details.

Digital Freight Alliance development

New members from Mexico, the USA, Cyprus, and Romania joined us this week. 100 members from 42 countries have already joined the DFA.

It's very pleasant to get positive feedback from members starting their journey with the logistics network of the new generation. 

Stay tuned for DFA updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Updates Pending

React JS Documentation

New documentation for SeaRates (React.js) in development. Now it will be more structured and understandable.

Cargo Wizard

Price Calculator for transportation by truck is under development. An autocomplete warehouse has been developed. You can also adapt the capabilities of the tool to suit your needs.

Tracking System

Added shipping lines such as Arkas, Turkon, Sinokor, and Wan Hai. Shortly, the list of shipping lines will be expanded. Fixed bugs and improved performance on shipping lines such as Yang Ming, Cosco, Hyundai. We have developed a new and improved algorithm for obtaining location data, which will be available soon.

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