SeaRates Х 2023 FIATA World Congress: Upcoming Conference Announcement

27 sept. 2023 Sophia Shkuro Sophia Shkuro

We at SeaRates are proud to share the opportunity to participate in the 2023 FIATA World Congress, which will be held on October 3-6 in Brussels, Belgium.

The conference is dedicated to the theme "The Changing Climate of Logistics", which allows us to showcase the innovative achievements of the freight forwarding community while demonstrating the enhanced functionality of SeaRates products.

The format of the Congress will allow you to interact directly with SeaRates representatives and exhibits and join conference sessions.

Where to find us?

The 2023 FWC will take place in Brussels - Square Convention Center, on October 3-6.

One of our experienced speakers is Mike Bhaskaran, Group Chief Operating Officer at DP World Group. Learn more about the speaker's biography here. You wouldn't miss the opportunity to learn about his logistics experience live!

Congress website

For more information, please visit the 2023 FIATA World Congress website.

Join up and meet SeaRates

Our team is dedicated to solving any of your transportation needs and assisting you with your daily supply chain challenges. We are inspired by the opportunity to spread quality logistics services and improve your logistics experience.

Attend FIATA World Congress to join "The Changing Climate of Logistics" discussions and to experience the advances in the modern freight forwarding community and logistics industry.

Contact us at for more information on conferences featuring SeaRates.

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