Optimización de rutas

The ultimate cargo tracking route builder. In today's
fast-paced world, customer satisfaction hinges on transparency and efficiency. Imagine losing track of your valuable cargo shipment, leaving both you and your client in the dark. Route Planner eliminates this uncertainty with

a powerful tracking route builder solution, revolutionizing your shipping experience.
Give extended visibility

to your clients
Route Planner is a comprehensive solution to uncover grey areas of your supply chain. It's not just a tracking route builder - it's a tool that will help you achieving exceptional customer service, especially in the last mile delivery, where carriers do not give you info by ocean
or air. Always identify route improvement opportunities so that your clients will always appreciate you.
Route Planner offers robust route performance analysis including historical route data and delivery time trends.
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Enhanced tracking by sea, land,
and air
Gone are the days of limited visibility on separate shipping sections. Route Planner streamlines the
process with external GPS route tracking software that provides real-time status of your shipment's journey.
No more relying on fragmented information from different carriers – track your cargo in one unified platform. This real-time route tracking software will help you identify areas for improvement and consistently achieve on-time deliveries. Neither your customers
nor employees will ever need to worry on how to build optimized delivery routes.
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Maximum details and customization
Delivery Route Planner exceeds abilities
of the basic tracking.
Optimize supply chain
by using benefits of route planning

with tracking:
Estimated time of arrival (ETA) alerts;
Tips to minimize route time;
Last mile delivery software functions;
Real-time tracking updates;
Enhanced truck route planning;
Interact with any fleet management software;
Multi-modal route optimization.
Your confident choice if you are looking for free tracking
route builder software.
Enterprise web integration

Use Route Planner on your portal branded with your logo as part of your logistics systems and enable your team to create tracking records with optimized delivery routes. In pair with SeaRates Tracking System
web-integration, this creates
an ultimate experience for your customers along with unique link sharing and capitalizing your brand.

Offer reduced delivery times and improved delivery efficiency leading
to cost savings. Exceed your client expectations and with the best-in-class route optimization software.

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Don't settle for outdated tracking methods.
Chose the best route planning software for shipping!
Full Compatibility with SeaRates Tracking and Booking System
Route Planner seamlessly integrates with the SeaRates Tracking System, providing a unified platform for all
your tracking and logistics needs. Every shipping ID created
in Route Planner can be found in SeaRates Tracking. Moreover, Route Planner is the engine behind SeaRates Booking System, where accurate data is provided to clients based on the existing booking,
and in turn updates the tracking information by
booking number (shipment ID).
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Go beyond and discover Route Planner API solution to convert data from your existing
to the tailor-made real-time tracking and route optimization of a superior level.
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