Never Lose Track with Air Cargo Tracking: Powerful Tool for Global Shipping

Managing cargo shipments across borders is complex, requiring precision, transparency, and speed. Forget about visiting different airline websites, web searching, or manually calling expeditors.

Discover Air Cargo Tracking functionality for your smooth transportation of cargo or goods through plenty of airways. Our user-friendly tool offers real-time visibility, simplifies management, and streamlines your supply chain. Read this guide and find out how to minimize delays and disruptions with comprehensive tracking solutions.

How do I start?

You can access the application from the website's main page in two ways. In the first case, you need to enter your shipment details, including the air waybill number. Our advanced system then provides you with your shipment's up-to-date tracking information instantly. No more searching through different websites – you get all the accurate data you need in one place.

You can also start your journey with the tool through the upper Tools section and select air tracking. 

The first 3 digits automatically send the request to the correct airline. If the airline is not giving the result or you want to select a specific airline, you can do this manually after tracking.

Air Cargo Tracking for your advanced shipments 

Real-time updates

Stay informed with up-to-the-minute updates on your cargo's journey, no matter where it travels.

Multiple airlines support

Our network covers various airlines and cargo carriers supporting more than 400 airlines.

Detailed reporting

Manage your logistics data with the air tracking comprehensive reporting tool. Gain valuable insights into your supply chain.

Enhanced transparency

Air tracking provides unparalleled transparency into your cargo status. The tool gives you a clear picture of your shipment's location and progress – plan everything effectively with complete visibility.

Cost savings

Leverage the revolutionary solution to cut down on unnecessary costs. Air tracking allows you to make cost-effective decisions with accurate, real-time data.

How do I integrate the tool?

You can integrate the air tracking tool in two ways: white-label solution on your website and API integration.

Air Cargo Tracking Web Integration

The air tracking system on your website means that your product/service is widely used, and your company is the one that customers can trust. Today, it's not just an essential service but a must-have.

Air Cargo Tracking API

You can also integrate the tool into your ERP/CRM/TMS systems, providing customized container-tracking solutions for your customers. Apply the service to achieve complete visibility and transparency in your supply chains. All these and much more are possible with Air Cargo Tracking.

The SeaRates team offers trustworthy air tracking services and streamlines the integration of advanced IT tools for your logistics or shipping services.

Our advanced IT solutions are user-friendly and comprehensive, tailored to your business needs and goals.

The bottom line 

SeaRates Air Cargo Tracking utilizes the latest technology for reliable cargo tracking. Dreaming of tracking your shipments easily and efficiently in one place? Request an IT Quote or reach out to our Digital department at  [email protected] to get a demo and pricing for the tool. SeaRates is committed to assisting you with daily business challenges with the highest results.

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