Logistics & Trade Finance solution: Advanced Offering for Effective Logistics of Your Business

Can you afford to slow down the process of improving the financial performance of your logistics and trading business? The development of the industry increases competition among market players. In turn, each of them tries to offer its customers the best and most convenient financial solutions for cargo shipping. With so many requests for logistics services, you have to cope with them well to establish a competitive position, and indeed, you need decent working capital to stay in the tide.

For this reason, our team will provide you with comprehensive insights about the capabilities of the Logistics & Trade Finance solution in this article. Find out how to use it and how it can benefit your business.

Introduction of the Logistics & Trade Finance solution with SeaRates

SeaRates offers freight forwarders, shippers, carriers, and the entire global logistics community the functionality, service solutions, and technologies to enhance and facilitate their trade processes around the world.

The Logistics & Trade Finance solution is a trade-friendly offering for obtaining meaningful and timely financing, reliable and secure payments, and streamlining your business's commercial operations.

With the program, you will no longer be in force majeure over the financing of your supplies or improper budgeting. One single platform is the place for effective financial solutions for trade and logistics processes.

Financial services and solutions your business can adopt include the following:

  • Invoice Factoring
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Reverse Factoring
  • Trade Payables Financing
  • Inventory Financing

Contact SeaRates Support for more details to overcome any difficulties and misunderstandings in settlements with your suppliers.

Let's move on to the specific application of the Logistics & Trade Finance solution's privileges.

How does it work? Apply for the credit facility easily!

The following step-by-step guidelines will give you a more practical understanding of how Logistics & Trade Finance solution works:

  • Sign up for the Logistics & Trade Finance solution to undergo the KYC process. Your company details will be verified and available for future operations.
  • Make a request for a Credit Facility, which will be forwarded to a financial institution that is suitable for you.
  • The financial insurance process (underwriting) is carried out by the selected financial institution. This way, you get credit conditions (term sheet) that are tailored to the needs of your logistics operations.
  • Make use of the Dashboard to get Analytics conveniently. You will be able to view real-time updates on the status of your transactions, shipments, and payments.
  • Logistics & Trade Finance solution ensures direct financing and connections between you and the financial institution. You receive funds from the financial institution in your company's account.
  • Get secure financing for your logistics operations by sending invoices, bills of lading, or other documents for your cargo.

SeaRates partnering to improve your trading processes

What benefits will your business get from cooperation with a reliable logistics marketplace? You will be able to improve not only the processes but also the results of your business' trade operations by using SeaRates' advanced capabilities. From start to finish, your supply chain can be optimized and managed efficiently.

You can start comprehensive shipment preparation and planning by choosing the best tariff from a wide selection of freight rates to many worldwide destinations from reliable global carriers and shipping lines. You can also specify individual requirements to Request a Quote for your shipments.

This way, you thoroughly optimize your logistics. After that, you can move on to scaling your business with the Logistics & Trade Finance solution and get more advanced features:

  • Give SMEs access to global financial institutions from around the world in one place
  • Benefit from a choice of competitive freight rates, credit line terms, and a variety of currencies
  • Implement digital logistics technologies for informed, efficient decision-making and easy document management
  • Gain transparency of information and quick access to transaction analytics

Submit a quick online request for the Logistics & Trade Finance solution with simplified business requirements

Access to Logistics & Trade Finance solution

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