Logistic Route Planner

International cargo route planning system for cargo carriers, agents, freight and ship brokers

Plan your routes for multiple locations in just 3-12 easy steps with our online Route Planner

We are pleased to provide our new application for your WEB site - Logistic Route Planner. This App helps you to make up a schedule and track cargo movements and shipments directly on your WEB site. To track the container just specify its number, add points of loading and discharge to the route. The result will be displayed on the map, showing the current location of the container.

Logistic Route Planner system is fully integrated with Container Tracking application and allows you to define the current position of the container, to see new routes of cargo moving, ports of transhipment on Google map, transit time and any other additional information.


  • A modern and functional interface of your site;
  • No more using competitors sites to track the container;
  • Shipment information displayed on the world map;
  • Access from any computer and mobile device;
  • Using unique booking numeration;
  • High level of costumer service;
  • Automatically update the container position on the world map;
  • Providing more advanced information to your clients.