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Integrate Shipping Quotation Platfom to your Website

Our Platform could be easily integrated to your website, it works on any type of it. You always can purchase platform, apps, tools or Full Website Development to run your business better.'

Run your entire business on a single Platform

Grow your shipping business faster with our complete suite of applications. Monitor and manage everything from sales leads to support shipping rates, and from marketing to website analytics — all from any desktop or device.


Manage all your services by using the most user-friendly software

Add and manage your ships, trucks, planes, containers, warehouses, container yards, ports and terminals and more.Add and manage all your rates, indicative or final use rates and transport of others SeaRates partners and more. Big number of options on a Single platfrm.

We care about our customers: safety and comfort is above all

All ship’s and truck's positions can be placed only by their rightful owners. We are checking every position and profile before their placement.


Shipping Quotation Platform

Integrate SHIPPING QUOTATION PLATFORM into your website in a few minutes, that will significantly increase the number of customers and work on the quotes together with the whole SeaRates network. Look at integration examples or discuss any kind of website design and development with our manager.


How it calculates?

All calculations are performed using Shipping Quotation Platform and powerful online SeaRates software, such as ‘Distances & Time’, ‘Route Planner’, etc.
These programs you can install right on your website and make similar instant calculations for the maximum comfort of your clients.

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Distances and Time - Online tool for calculation distances and shipping rates between air and sea ports.

Whether you need "port-to-port" or "door-to-door" transit time and distances, just chose any place of loading and discharging of the shipment. In several seconds you will get the duration of transit time, including inland transportation of cargo to the port of loading. Data on the transit time of shipping lines is calculated in a combined way, based on the statistical data obtained from "container tracking" service. All the data will be informatively represented on Google Map.

Furthermore, you also get a layout of the estimated time costs in accordance with basic terms of delivery (Incoterms).

Distances and Time on your website

Shipping Quotation Platform

Exchange your quotes with global partners, promote your website on Google search and handle inquires together with Searates. Install Shipping Quotation Platform and make your website work for you. Get thousands of indicative rates and hundreds of customers at once. An ultimate app to attract new clients and make them come back to you. Functionality is what matters in the modern business world. State ahead of those who still doesn’t understand this.

Shipping Quotation Platform on your website