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Calculate the best way to load your cargo, optimize freight cost and fill in needed documents in seconds

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Creating and editing documents online

CARGO WIZARD is at the same time calculating the optimal way to load a container or truck, getting the rate for transportation and auto-filling of documents.

At each stage of the calculation, you can create documents such as: Proforma Invoice, Comercial Invoice, Packing List, Draft Bill of Lading

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It's simple!

Add a product, select it from the list to calculate and create a business document.

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Easy choice

Select a container or truck and load it with your product. The type of container can be selected automatically.

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Visual calculation

Calculation of the stuffing plan and the optimal positions of goods inside the container or any other vehicle with 3D visualization

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Calculation on INCOTERMS basis of delivery

Quick calculations for basic delivery terms motivating the successful purchase of the right product, anywhere in the world using tariffs from leading world carriers


Create a document

Visual and user-friendly interface for working with documents - create your own templates and build your library to which you can access again and again, and further accelerate the business processes of your company

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