Cargo calculator

  • What’s Distance & Time?

    It’s a logistics application created to estimate distances and times between sea routes under particular parameters.

  • 怎么运行的?


  • 这些信息的依据是什么?

    Open sources combined with information from various shipping lines and nautical agencies. This information has been collected for over ten years and is regularly updated.


很少有专业的航运公司能够让客户满意地回答 "我什么时候能收到我的货物?"这个问题。我们的运输时间系统可以让你在几秒钟内填补这一空白 干净的界面在视觉上很有吸引力,易于使用。如果你想在下单后向客户提供准确的估计,跟踪你的交货时间很重要。这就是我们SeaRates多年来一直在做的事情,现在要与世界其他地方分享!


Often customers are given a very rough estimate of their delivery. “It will take two to four weeks”, for example, or “it can be delivered by Friday if you place your order in the next 12 hours”. This gives a frame of reference to the customer, but all other things being equal, given a choice between several companies with similar prices, the customer will choose the one with the fastest delivery service. So precise information is always preferred, since it is often necessary to prepare or be personally present for the delivery. Not to mention that properly timing your delivery is crucial to avoid work gaps in production. Save yourself some unwanted trouble by installing our Distance & Times tool to help you compete in the marketplace!

Usually the transport companies integrate the app with Logistics Explorer to also provide customers with instant shipping rates from/to anywhere in the world. It can also be enhanced by Route Planner to also schedule shipments easier and track sea lines