Cargo Consolidation in the US and China

Aug 10, 2018 Stuart Johnson Stuart Johnson

Shipment Consolidation

The international marketplace is becoming a very dynamic place to expand your business. It is also a place where business and individuals are learning how to be a “smart” buyer. Many of these people and business are learning how to leverage their buying power in order to ship goods to them at a very low price. Shipment Consolidation is a concept that many people do not understand. The fact is that you can buy multiple items from China and have them shipped to you separately at very high shipping costs. The end result is a high cost per item or vendor that you buy from. Shipment Consolidation is the act of buying products from multiple suppliers in China and having them all put their goods into one container for international shipping. The savvy international buyer that takes advantage of shipment consolidation gets:

3) ONE company that handles the shipment consolidation and customs paperwork
4) ONE international charge

You can clearly see that the benefit of shipment consolidation is not only the efficiency and the cost, but it is the value add that comes along with it. For any business out of China, why wouldn't you take advantage of this service? Shipment consolidation is the wave of the future for international commerce and logistics.



Sample Consolidation

In order to evaluate and consolidate your sample order:

1. Receive instruction from our customer
2. Contact suppliers by phone
3. Instruct suppliers to send samples to the office
4. Make small payments from our customers' cash account
5. Consolidate samples and ship by express to address of customer's choosing


There are many advantages to using SeaRates to consolidate your samples:

1. Quick check for quality before express fees is wasted by sending over a faulty sample
2. Big savings on the number of international wiring fees
3. We speak the language and can make the arrangements with many factories at the same time
4. Because of the high volumes we send out every week SeaRates gets great discounts on express fees from the major express companies out there including Fed Ex, TNT, DHL, UPS, etc. We pass these savings on to you.


China and USA Local Office

SeaRates can also assist with many of the important administrative tasks in your company. If you require a location and staff there, SeaRates is a great option to provide the following services:

- Secretarial services 
- Phone, fax, local USA & China address, virtual secretary answering the phone on your behalf
- USA & China company local registration assistance
- Accounting
- Visa assistance

SeaRates has the equipment, personnel and intelligence to represent your company well in China and USA.



Trade Show Assistance

Many of you will be preparing for your upcoming trip to Asia, as you do year after year. At SeaRates, we have designed several services that you may find helpful before, during and after your sourcing trip.

SeaRates offers services for buyers coming to Greater China for the sourcing season. These services were designed in your mind – to make your time in China targeted and intentional. SeaRates can assist you with that.

Before the fair:

Sourcing – Qualify and narrow your list of suppliers BEFORE the show starts. Cut out the trading companies from your list this year and find out who is supplying them.
Itinerary – Prepare your hotel, travel bookings
Meetings – Arrange private meetings with suppliers of your choice

During the fair:

Communications – Interpreter services to help communicate with suppliers more effectively. Know your interpreter before you come!
Trade show secretary – Assist you in negotiations and organizing supplier comparisons and orders. All information collected during the fairs will be organized and sent to you by email for your use.

After the fair:

Follow up – After the fairs, SeaRates can help you to organize and prepare your orders with suppliers you met with.
Sample Consolidation – SeaRates can consolidate samples from various suppliers, package and ship them to your office – big cost savings to you

SeaRates staff can also attend a trade fair of your chosen collecting of all relevant catalogues and brochures, business cards and price lists for the products that you are interested in for a fraction of the cost you attending. If you want the benefits of attending a special trade show without the time and costs involved, this is a good option.


Our teams in China ( and the USA ( are waiting for your requests!


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