Free Shipping Applied to Container Logistics

Aug 03, 2018 Eric Miles Eric Miles

Shipping is a marketing tactic used primarily by online vendors and mail-order catalogs as a sales strategy to attract customers.

• Free shipping, no limitations. Your Customer can buy anything, and it gets shipped to you for free. 

• Free shipping for your regular Customers. 

• Free shipping if Customer invests a big amount. If Customer spends a specified amount, he is qualify for free shipping.

• Free shipping if you buy before a certain time or during a certain time. Many free shipping promotions are constrained by time, meaning that you have to buy during a rate validity. 


SeaRates offers three main types of shipping methods:

1)   Automatic calculation of the cost of delivery in real time

2)   You can set your own shipping prices:

a.    Rate (fixed amount or percentage)

b.   Table (prices based on various combinations of order amounts, weights).

3)   Individual rate for the product.


Free Shipping will help you with this, since we developed the tool for calculating the delivery: you can set the shipping cost (fixed or dynamic), choose shipping methods, and with each order you will receive the delivery address, cost and information about which delivery method the buyer chose. SeaRates allows you to configure both different delivery methods and different types of cost calculation (per 1 cubic meter / per container ) etc. or automatic quotes from shipping services. 

Download the free e-book Marion Grussendorf - English for Logistics to learn how to negotiate free shipping properly.


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