NORDANA Shipping line


The name Nordana is taken from its NORwegian and DANish background. The service started in 1957 as a joint venture between Norwegian Fearnley & Eger and Danish DFDS. Later on F & E decided to withdraw and the service continued under Danish management, but the name remains as strong as ever. Initially the service was based on carryings from Mediterranean to Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, and the vessels returned to Mediterranean via USA/Scandinavia. With the upswing of oil and gas exploration in North Africa, a direct service from USA to Mediterranean was implemented in 1961, and the calls at Scandinavian ports were suspended. In 1969 four conventional sister vessels with 85 tons heavy-lift capacity were introduced in the service to accommodate the increasing demand for larger and heavier pieces of cargo to North Africa.

Increasing congestion in North African ports made it evident that more specialized tonnage was required to obtain priority berthing. In 1979 four Multipurpose RoRo vessels were introduced. The vessels offered a fully new, unique, and sophisticated cargo handling concept to the trade and to the distinct benefit of the Line's many different customers. With the most advanced RoRo concept introduced, the vessels obtained quick dispatches in even the most difficult ports. Nordana has since expanded the geographic scope, improved the frequencies and widened its services to become one of the premier Multipurpose RoRo liner carriers. Today Nordana is recognized as a specialty carrier, able to accommodate our customers' varying needs for cargo handling, reliability, and port calls.


We want to be preferred and profitable

Being preferred implies that we are the number one choice - and we can not hope to be preferred by all. For those who prefer us we understand that it is a privilege which requires a dedicated, innovative effort.

You can easily be preferred and loose a fortune, so the two go hand in hand. All in our organisation, not only the commercial people, must have a view to profitability, so that we can continue to be preferred in the future.

Core Values

Pride in our work
We want to be proud of our own work as well as that of our colleagues.

Reliability and safety awareness
Our customers, suppliers and others shall be very confident that what we offer is a reliable shipping solution. Our vessels can cause great damage to human beings and to the environment. Safety awareness must be present in all we do, also for those working in the office.

Delegate resposibility and accountability
Resposibility as well as authority must be given to the person directly in contact with the customer, supplier or other interested party. Accountability requires praise as well as constructive criticism.

Creative and inspiring working environment
We are not paid to preserve the current state of business. On the contrary it is the resposibility of all of us to create our future. Creativity, innovation and improvement define individual performance as well as teamwork. The environment must be encouraging and inspiring. There is no such thing as a bad idea!

Talent is encouraged but team-spirit is essential
Emphasis is placed on individual qualities, and future plans will be made for those who have talent and are willing to use it. Talent can be a number of things, i.e. leadership, entrepreneurship, creativeness, shipping knowledge. However, as with a football team, teamwork is also essential. That is another reason why we need different talents in our organisation.

Entrepreneurship drives our actions
Our motive for action and change is entrepreneurship - not the strategy nor competitive actions, nor vessel decisions or anything else. Therefore, the talent of entrepreneurship will be encouraged.

One to one relations
The one to one relationship is the basis on which we should handle our customers in order to be preferred by them. These relationships are based on the individual customer's needs.