SeaRates Updates - Week 47, 2023

The SeaRates team deeply appreciates your ongoing support and trust. We are dedicated to improving our platform to ensure you receive the best possible service. We're pleased to share our latest updates with you and are confident they will add value to your experience.

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What's new for week 47:

  • Tracking System updates: We would like to inform you that the old version of the tool is no longer available. From now on, only the new web version of the Tracking System is available on the SeaRates website.
  • Also, for the Tracking System API we have improved the way we work with providers, including Wan Hai, Maersk, Gold Star Line, W.E.C. (West European Container) Lines, Atlantic Container Line (ACL), and Crowley Maritime.
  • Ship Schedules improvementsWe are pleased to announce the addition of the Econship line to the by Points tab and China United Lines to the by Vessel tab of the tool.
  • Also, we have improved the way we work with providers, including Sinokor and OOCL.
  • Other: 
  • We have updated the structure of the SeaRates Help page. Its structure has been improved, and now the page looks the same for shippers and carriers


    • Warehouse tab on the Request a Quote form

    • The updated Requests tab in Virtual Office
      • Distance & Time API v3

      • Air Tracking API release

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