Certification Services

SeaRates offers certification services for you if you have the necessary package of documents in a short time and at reasonable prices.

Forwarders at SeaRates.com who operate worldwide, maintain close ties with leading certification entities that have a wide scope of accreditation, which allows them to carry out certification of any types of products and in the shortest possible time, thereby reducing costs during customs clearance of your cargo. You can obtain the following documents:

Certificate of origin

Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion

Radiological conclusion

Certificate of compliance with technical regulations

Declaration of conformity

Quarantine certificates (both export and import)

Veterinary documents (certificates, import permits)

Quality certificate

Expert opinion on the cost and condition of the goods

Development and approval of specifications (technical conditions)

ISO certificate of conformity

Other specialized certificates for various types of goods

  • The timing and cost of certification services depend on the specifics of the product itself, the presence of other certificates and the specifics of the certification tests conducted. The final cost of certification services is determined in each case separately, after examining all aspects of the upcoming certification process.

  • Throughout the work SeaRates.com has gained needed coverage in the field of forwarding related services, and provides customers a full cycle of services for the certification of goods. SeaRates forwarders directly cooperate with the certification authorities in different countries. All this allows us to offer the most timely and high-quality service for the cargo certification without any overpayments