SeaRates Updates - Week 38, 2018

Sep 30, 2018 Stefan Rogovskiy Stefan Rogovskiy

If you missed the last release of updates - it's time to look at it. We continue to move forward and plan to implement each step according to the road map of the project. Thank you for your continued support and interest!

Promoting SeaRates partners

As part of a long-term strategy of cooperation with forwarding companies - we began to publish the names of forwarders under the map on the platform on our website. For example, if a customer needs to ship from the US to China, he/she will see options for rates on different shipping lines, and down below, will be able to see the companies that will provide this service. From here you can contact the company by clicking the "Chat" button (more about this in the next section). This step will help to provide more competitive rates in the system, as well as show the forwarder with whom the contract will be concluded. Remember that when placing a booking at SeaRates, you always have guaranteed support of our team in matters of confirmation a rate validity and the actual shipment up to the moment of payment.

Chat with a carrier from the list of rates

Now when you place a booking you can discuss the details of the transportation and all the details of the contract directly in the chat with the company with which you plan to carry the cargo. As it was shown in one of the first promos of the platform (video below), choose the best variant of transportation, suitable for you by all criteria, because you can see all the detailed information about the price, transit time, line, validity of the rate and other parameters. All other questions regarding the terms of payment, guarantees, deferrals, etc. you can chat directly.

If you are the carrier - please join us here.

Launch of beta-version 

In a post about a month ago, we promised to show you the upcoming project on air transportation. And here it is! The beta-version is already available at The project will function as an addition to SeaRates in terms of cargo transportation by air, charter transport planes and of course, online cargo bookings for specific dates based on size and weight. Our team invites all forwarders who specialize in air freight to add their rates and announce their special services! On all questions you can contact the project team at Also we invite to the public project on Facebook - here is the link!