Searates Updates - Week 35-37, 2018

A selection of the most significant upgrades at SeaRates for the 35-37 week in 2018. This will be a somewhat big review, as it was done over a longer period of time. Thank you for staying with us and helping to improve ideas that change and form a new approach in global logistics!

As you can see, during this time, active work was done on some website redesign and the beginning of creating a single page format that gives a sense of ease and smoothness of work. These are the very sensations that we ourselves want to receive from the use of the site, and that with the same to it our customers and partners have touched.

As always, part of the updates are dedicated to all users, and in particular - shippers, and a separate part - to our partners, transport and forwarding companies.

Shipping in One Box

It is a new service to save money on delivery of consolidated cargo. The service is running and operating in beta mode. The essence of it is as follows. Everyone knows what is transportation of groupage cargo (LCL - in containers, LTL - for trucks and LWL - for rail transportation), and everyone knows that there is a certain tariffing per cube or ton in certain areas. This practice has been working for a very long time, it is most common when delivering goods from China, India and other Southeast Asian countries. Nevertheless, few people think that the cost per unit of weight and volume can be tens of times higher than the actual cost of transportation. After all, if you compare the cost of shipping a 40-foot container, say from Shanghai to Istanbul - then on average it is $ 2,000. The 40-foot standard container has an internal volume of 67 m3 (and the High Cube - 76 m3 at the same cost), which at a tariff of even $ 90 / m3 and an efficiency of using the volume even in 70% gives 90 * 67 * 0.7 ~ 4200 USD only on freight. Now you understand what expenses are paid by individual "passengers" when using LCL-tariffing.

What does SeaRates offer? First of all, we say - stop paying more than 2-3 times for the delivery of consolidated cargo, and often listen to the explanations of the freight forwarder, why the ship's departure was delayed once again. Do you know the cost of shipping the whole container from A to B? Excellent! We will find for you co-loaders who need delivery in the same direction, and let you contact them without intermediaries, agree on the dates of cargo availability and collectively pay freight. The organization of the entire logistics process can be provided by our team.

In addition, the service contains elements of an online store, where the standard sizes of boxes, pallets, etc. can be saved by the system for future calculations and visually displayed using the built-in Load Calculator.

In the future, we plan to integrate the service with the sites of trading companies that will sell goods with international delivery directly on their website.

Bytom cryptocurrency and virtual wallet on SeaRates

At the moment, as an experimental non-fiat currency with its own blockchain system, we use Bytom to run transactions and verify the operability and stability of the smart contract system. And the most important thing is the improvement of the practice of electronic payments between participants and users of SeaRates for logistics and international trade.

The "Online Walletmenu section of the Virtual Office will allow you to see the balance, transaction history, issue and receive invoices, and make payments in a few seconds while using cryptocurrency. Part of SeaRates strategy to reform the transport industry is to reduce the cost of transactions to $ 6 / transfer, regardless of the amount and direction of payment.

Our two-week tests of the system showed that the electronic payment in Bytom took 0.3 seconds and we managed to transfer the equivalent of 27 cents 51 times practically without loss of value.

If you want to connect to the system of digital payments and when transporting and other foreign economic transactions and not lose in bank transfers - write to us at [email protected].

Welcome page in the Virtual Office

For more visibility and easy navigation on your control panel, a start page has been added. From here you can see a short summary of your activity and some analytics on rates and bookings. In the same time, you can quickly switch over the applications that you most often use in work.