Route Planner - a New Word in Automation for a Transport Company

Mar 22, 2019 Michael Ruffus Michael Ruffus

Route Planner is a revolutionary system for synchronizing data on the movement of cargo, which automatically processes details from any CRM / TMS / ERP and other systems and displays it to the client in a convenient view.

Route Planner followed by tracking for customers

Route Planner is designed for transport and forwarding companies that have a sharp internal workflow based on various business process management systems.

Using this technology, your operational department can forget about manual transfer of   cargo movement information. Route Planner takes it out of the internal system for each client directly to your website or mobile application automatically, thereby saving your team time and at the same time increasing the level of customer comfort as a post-sales service.

Synchronization of data on the movement of cargo with any accounting system

Any account management system, ranging from Salesforce to regular Google Sheets or Excel, supports the export of data in various formats (.xls, .xml, .json, etc.) that can be automatically transmitted through the API. Your clients usually want to see all the events occurring with their cargo from the moment they passed it to you (loading, customs clearance, arrival at the port, loading onto the ship, arrival date). Now all you need to do is a one-time setup and sync the data with Route Planner. Each event  you keep records of will be automatically available to the client online with a visualization on the map through the tracking system in an easy and understandable format.

It's no secret that about 60% of revenue in the forwarding business comes from regular customers. High-quality customer service several times more efficiently allows you to make repeated sales.

Do not wait until the market goes to a new level of service - be one step ahead! Increase customer loyalty and they will be happy to carry with you more and talk about your benefits to others.

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