Shipping Quotation Platform - Logistics Explorer

Aug 07, 2018 Eric Miles Eric Miles

We say hello to the next generation of freight shipping. Online technologies changed tickets industry, and no they keep going to logistics.


Logistics Explorer - How it works

1.     Integrate our app in the required design on your website. Sign up and enter the required information in our system. Add your ocean rates and they will be available on all our resources.

2.     Approve or reject your partners and their rates. Update regularly the information of your offers, use flexible marketing tools to attract more shippers.

3.     Post your freight rates in seconds, get booking requests from our users, agents, and corporate clients, increase your visibility and efficiency with our powerful software.



Exchange your quotes with global partners, promote your website on Google search and handle inquires together with SeaRates. Install Shipping Quotation Platform and make your website work for you. Get thousands of indicative rates and hundreds of customers at once. An ultimate app to attract new clients and make them come back to you. Functionality is what matters in the modern business world. State ahead of those who still doesn’t understand this.


Shipping Quotation Platform

How many shippers want to know the price of delivery prior to booking? Everyone! And now it is possible with the absolutely new and unique service Shipping Quotation Platform. The application has undeniable advantages as it works 24/7 and sells your rates on your website and on the hundreds of others sites. The ultimate tool to attract new customers and make them return for each new booking.

Additional advantages:

·       Calculation of the rate in a second

·       All transportation modes (if necessary) on the map

·       Visual representation of the route on a Google map

·       Online booking in one click (notification is sent on your mail)

·       Rates and profit management

What do you get with this app?

·       Up-to-date quotes from all shippers online

·       No brokers or extra charges

·       Transparent price formation

·       Exchange of competitive tariffs with partners

·       Integrated control panel