Shipping line HAMBURG SUD 24

HAMBURG SUD Nakliye hattı

The shipping group Hamburg Süd operates an integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety Management System.

The Hamburg Süd Group, in 1996, was one of the first internationally leading container shipping companies to become certified worldwide according to ISO 9001. At the same time the ISM Code was introduced on a voluntary basis. In addition, the existing Quality and Safety Management System was augmented by the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in 2000 and, in the summer of 2002, conversion to the new ISO 9001:2000 standard completed.

With our integrated management system, the Hamburg Süd Group ensures that quality awareness is a central task to which all employees are committed. It is our Group's aim to guarantee the highest possible quality in the services we offer and take customer satisfaction into every aspect of our business through the continuous improvement of our work processes.

With the introduction of the Environmental Management System, the Hamburg Süd Group is pursuing the goal of reconciling environmental protection and economic viability. To achieve this goal, we use natural resources sparingly.

Error prevention has priority over error rectification and thus also makes a contribution to enhancing economic viability and customer satisfaction. To guarantee this, employees receive continuous training worldwide.

Quality and environmental targets are formulated and reviewed on a regular basis in order to ensure the process of continuous improvement.