SeaRates Updates - Week 7, 2024

The SeaRates team deeply appreciates your ongoing support and trust. We are dedicated to improving our platform to ensure you receive the best possible service. We're pleased to share our latest updates with you and are confident they will add value to your experience.

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What's new for week 7:

  • We are pleased to introduce the addition of a 'Warehouse' tab in the Request a Quote form. Now you can request the SeaRates team to quote your cargo storage in a couple of steps. You can choose the type of warehousing, location, required area of ones for your cargo, desired search radius, and much more.
  • Moreover, your requests for warehouse services will be displayed in the Logistics Map tool and can also be viewed in your Virtual Office on the 'Requests' tab.
  • Air Cargo Tracking enhancements: We are pleased to announce that we have added support for 23 new airlines, including Aero Express Del Ecuador Trans AM, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air Senegal, Amerijet International, Asiana Airlines, Atlas Air, COPA Airlines, DHL Aero Expreso, DHL Air, DHL Aviation, DHL de Guatemala, European Air Transport, Hawaiian Airlines, Norwegian, Norwegian Air International, Norwegian Air Sweden AOC, Oman Air, Silk Way West Airlines, SpiceJet, SriLankan Airlines, TAP Portugal, and Vietjet.
  • We have enhanced the way we work with providers, including Qatar Airways.
  • We've made a range of improvements, including the logic for adding data to routes based on event information.
  • Furthermore, we have added ‘Cancelled’ and ‘Departed’ shipment statuses for the API and the tool’s web-integrated version.
  • Tracking System updates: We have enhanced how we work with providers, including Hapag-Lloyd, Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), and Yang Ming.
  • Ship Schedules enhancements: We are pleased to announce that we have added support for Dong Young and DSV Ocean by Points tab.
  • Moreover, we have enhanced how we work with providers, including SM Line and Maersk by Vessel tab.
  • AirRates and LandRates improvements: From now on, you will find the Logistics Map tool on the 'Tools' tabs
  • We are also pleased to present an updated Request a Quote form.
  • Logistics Explorer improvements: We have added to the tool the calculation of freight rates for Rail FCL transportation. You can find these tariffs marked as 'Indicative'.
  • Other updates:
  • In your Virtual Office, on the 'Bookings' tab, we have implemented an automatic upgrade whereby bookings that are not processed within 24 hours receive the 'Reject' status and are sent to the Archive. In addition, you, as the creator of such a booking, will receive a notification about the cancellation.

  • Also, we have added the option to select the Air Cargo Tracking tool in the Request an IT Quote form.
  • Finally, we have added an Air Cargo Tracking page to give you an overview of the tool's functionality and integration options.


    • Mobile Application V 1.1, which includes a new Tracking System feature
    • A new version of AI Assistant
    • A new version of Distance & Time API

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