SeaRates Updates - Week 18, 2021

There are some interesting new features and updates coming to the platform this week. Plus, we have also debugged and optimized some of the existing products and elements.

As always, thank you for helping us move forward with your feedback. It helps us make our products flawless and to change the global approach to cargo transportation.

Please read our previous updates here.

Tracking System

This week, we have made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines including OOCL, Dong Young Shipping, Matson, and Minsheng Ocean Shipping.

We have also added Vessel Name information to iFrame and Multi-Tracking for further information when tracking your container.

Load Calculator

This week, we are developing a horizontal position in the container for rolls and pipes. Plus, we’ve also added hexagonal placement of pipes and rolls of any length without pallets.  

Logistics Explorer

We have developed the ability to automatically sign up on our website when booking a rate, or sign into an existing account so that the system will automatically enter your details. This will simplify your work within our platform.

Also, if there are no rates available for the direction you select you can now submit a request for a quote on the platform and get the best rate for you.

Rates Info

This week, we have developed the ability to see all the information on your rates. Now you can now access information about the total number of added rates. In addition, information on the number of valid and invalid rates is also available. This will help you keep track of the validity and the number of added rates so that you can always attract new customers.

Ship Schedules

This week we have added support for Emirates Shipping Line.

SeaRates Ship Schedules now supports 25+ shipping lines.  

Digital Freight Alliance

We have updated the main page. By going to the main page in the first step, you can see the number of members and countries covered by Digital Freight Alliance.

Scroll down further and you’ll see additional information about Digital Freight Alliance, together with our key advantages. 

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